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Something Gnu (New) is Coming to the World Famous Jungle Cruise

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One of the classic Walt Disney World and Disneyland attractions will be seeing some gnu (new) changes here soon! That’s because it was announced that the Imagineers will be making some modifications to this extremely punny attraction on both coasts.


Jungle Cruise


Disney shared that as an update to the Jungle Cruise story, the skippers will now be a part of the attraction, as Guests will follow a skipper and passengers and yes, something goes wrong. According to Imagineer Kevin Lively, the skipper will actually be represented in the attraction for the first time ever with a show figure. And do you remember hearing about the Mekong Maiden and the Kwango Kate? The crew’s story gets shared, as the expedition finds themselves up a tree, after their boat sinks and splits apart. Plus monkey business will ensue, as chimps board the wreckage.

Jungle Cruise


The attraction will still keep its same wit and joking nature, but it will include a new story, with more diverse values, and fun and updated details.

If you want to learn more about this update, watch this video, and hear what current Jungle Cruise skippers think about the updates.

Of course, there is no word on when the attraction will go down for refurbishment at Walt Disney World, nor do we have any idea on when it will reopen with its new story. We’ll make sure to keep you updated!

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2 thoughts on “Something Gnu (New) is Coming to the World Famous Jungle Cruise

  • Michael

    I’m feeling better than I did when I just read the title. They aren’t removing the Skippers from the boats, that is the most important thing. I hope they still leave room for creativity for each Skipper, and don’t force them to follow a single script.

  • While I credit the “positivity” of this article and the video Disney put out, what is missing are the true reasons for the change, which is political correctness going off the deep end!

    What was failed to be mentioned here was that Trader Sam is not going to be there in his current form. He is a mainstay of the attraction. But, as mentioned in the LA Times, he is “dark skinned man” in “straw tribal wear”. WHO EVER GOT OFFENDED BY TRADER SAM?

    Also, it is reported the reason for a redesign of the rhino scene is that a “white” traveler was at the top, while other “native safari guides” are lower and in a more dangerous position. I could be convinced this isn’t necessarily the reason, but it was reported that way elsewhere in multiple news sources.

    Again, this seems to be a pattern with Disney lately… changing iconic rides (last year’s discussion of retheming Splash Mountain) and putting their disclaimer on viturally every one of their movies and cartoons.

    Do NOT take this as any sort of criticism of the article… just adding what is being reported as additional information. Rikki does an EXCELLENT job in writing articles that are always fun to read.

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