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Maleficent Returns to the Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade

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Have you missed her? I have! Maleficent is returning today to the Magic Kingdom’s Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade after the parade float caught on fire back in May. This caused it’s own firestorm as media coverage was huge about the occurrence. It seemed like every news outlet, even national ones, were covering this story.

As a temporary option in her disappearance, Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip have been taking her place on the gazebo float.

With the new debut of Maleficent, she will still sport the same Steampunk style, but she has a refreshed look (I’d say so…) and now includes new features that are designed to keep her from hopefully catching on fire again.

Catch her today during the 3:00 p.m. Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade.

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2 thoughts on “Maleficent Returns to the Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade

  • The 80% smaller fire breath is a bit disappointing T.T

  • Yey!! Will be down there in a week and now I’m far more excited about seeing this parade!

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