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Memory Maker Now Captures On-Ride Video of Tower of Terror

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Tower of Terror

Have you ever ridden an attraction and wished that you could see your videotaped reaction of the experience? Well, now that’s a possibility at The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

You see, for the first time ever at a Walt Disney World attraction, guests who have purchased the Memory Maker photo package will be able to view and share their on-ride video from this thrilling attraction. The MyMagic+ technology has made it possible for guests who have both a MagicBand and an active Memory Maker photo package to receive an edited video of their experience on the attraction in their My Disney Experience accounts within 24 hours of riding it. This video can be seen and shared by any family or friend who you are linked to through your My Disney Experience account.

Keep in mind that you must have purchased the Memory Maker package for the video to show up in your My Disney Experience account. While having a MagicBand is essential in the video being uploaded automatically (thanks to the RFID technology found inside the MagicBand), guests who simply have a MagicBand but have no Memory Maker packaged linked to their accounts will not have the on-ride video uploaded to My Disney Experience.

Disney also released a sample on-ride video.

I suspect this is just the tip of the iceberg and additional on-ride videos will be coming down the pipeline in the near future.

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7 thoughts on “Memory Maker Now Captures On-Ride Video of Tower of Terror

  • What happens if you have Memory Maker but do NOT have a Magic Band? Eg offsite guests.

    • Everybody can now buy a MagicBand for something like $15. Also (I think this is true) if you have ever stayed on-site and gotten one, you can just link your tickets to it the next time you go, even if staying off-site.


      • Thanks Lee, yeah I understand I can buy MB for everyone in the party (as different riders may ride at different times together). I also understand your point about the example vid if the camera is not fixed to the ride vehicle.

        I was just curious if this can be added after the ride as can be the case with ride photos.

        P.s. UK visitor already laying out an obscene amount of £$ just to cross the Atlantic. 🙂

  • Based on the sample video, I don’t see the point. You see yourself a couple of times. The camera doesn’t follow the car. This is not really any kind of step-up from a picture during the ride, at least to me. Now, if the camera were mounted on the car so that you got a video of yourself during the entire ride, that would be fun.

  • So this says the video is available for 24 hours. Does it then go away? If you have purchased the MM, is it available for download later as part of your purchase? Thanks!

    • Sorry for the confusion…it will be uploaded to your My Disney Experience account within 24 hours. After that, it will remain in your My Disney Experience account, along with the photos from the Memory Maker.

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