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New Disney Novelty Socks Feature Rare Disney Characters

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Novelty socks haven’t always ranked at the top of my must-have merchandise list. But, this impulse purchase is getting harder for me to resist, especially with some the latest designs. At Disney’s Hollywood Studios we found a great selection of socks. Designs include the original Ducktales, Mickey through the years, and even Emperor Kuzco as a Llama. These socks are $11.00 per pair when you buy two, or $14.99 for one pair.

Disney Novelty Socks
Ducktales Novelty Socks
Emperor Kuzco Novelty Socks
Mickey Mouse Novelty Socks
Mickey Mouse Novelty Socks
Wall-E Novelty Socks

Are you toe-tally in love with any of these designs?

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