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Onward “Float” Is an Epic Treat

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If you need a sugar rush while wandering around Disney Springs, the Marketplace Snacks location has just what you’re seeking. Inspired by the new movie, Onward, is this Lightfoot Float. There’s actually two versions, pink and blue, but the general premise is the same — fruit-flavored slushy and vanilla soft serve, topped with cotton candy and an edible topper, featuring Ian from Onward. At $6.99, the size is large enough to share, and unless you REALLY love sugar, you won’t want to try and tackle this one on its own.

Our field research team said that the pink version tastes a bit like a berry-like flavor, and the blue version tastes more like a berry lemonade. Whether or not you enjoy it depends on how much you love sugar — think of it like taking a Chick-fil-A frosted lemonade and stirring in a bunch of pixy stix candy powder. If you read that and felt your teeth ache, this isn’t the right dessert for you. If you are now trying to figure out if you can make one of those at home for a mid-morning snack, this will be a treat for you. It is sweet, sour, and very intense. Visually, though, this dessert is beautiful for the Instagram crowd.

Would this be a treat you’d like to try, or do you think it’s not your speed? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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