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Orlando’s Funniest Theme Park Shows & Rides

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We know Disney World and Universal Orlando both feature dramatic and thrilling attractions but they also slyly offer some really funny shows and rides. These attractions feature scripts written by real comedy writers, improv comedy lead shows, and rides starring famous comedians. In this article, we’ll cover nine hilarious attractions in Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando’s major theme parks.

Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor (Magic Kingdom)

Taking over the former The Timekeeper (previous Orlando funniest attraction award winner) and CircleVision 360 space, Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor is an improv comedy show based on the Monsters Inc. film series. Guests enter a door portal like from the movies and are teleported to Monstropolis for a comedy show to extract laughter and use it as a power source. Monsters from the movie, like the perky Mike Wazowski and cantankerous Roz, act as MCs and hosts for a comedy set by a rotating set of monsters. The stand-up performers are actual comedians hired to interact with the guests and perform bits – from telling the cheesiest Dad jokes imaginable to prop comedy. One of the funniest experiences at Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor came from Buddy Boil attempting to use a “Pick Up Line” kit to win over the affections of an audience member who didn’t know English and could only repeat her name to every question Buddy poised.

Horror Make Up Show (Universal Studios Florida)

An original opening day attraction, Universal’s Horror Make-Up Show is an educational and funny show about horror movie special effects. The show is hosted by two improv comedians, a straight-laced host and a “make-up effects artist from Hollywood”, who demonstrate fake knives, prosthetic limbs, latex (“Playtex makes a different kind of monster”), pneumatic driven figures, and computer-generated imagery (CGI). The core of the show comes from the chemistry between the two hosts as they dive into the history of Universal horror and their comedic timing. Horror Make-Up is always funny but many times it transcends to another plane of comedy when guest volunteers surprise the hosts, such as a guest dancing while in a telemetry suit. Horror Make-Up is a must-do for every trip I take, it is a not miss.

Turtle Talk with Crush (Epcot)


Similar to Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor, Turtle Talk with Crush is an improv show between kids and Crush the Turtle from the Finding Nemo movies. Taking place in SeaBase Alpha of The Living Seas pavilion, the show gives kids the opportunity to ask questions to Crush about the life of turtles and other sea creatures. Dory, Nemo, and Squirt pop up randomly for comedy and to keep the kids engaged. The humor of this show comes from the kids asking all sorts of silly and weird questions to Crush and his comedic responses – it really is Disney’s version of “Kids Say the Darndest Things”.

The Simpsons Ride (Universal Studios Florida)

(photo by @bioreconstruct)

Formerly the Institute of Future Technology and Back to the Future: The Ride, The Simpson Ride is a motion simulator set in the fictional Krustyland amusement park. Guests wait along with the Simpsons family in line for the latest Krustyland attraction but behind the scenes Sideshow Bob is gearing up to finally enact his revenge on Bart. There are more jokes per square foot and second in this attraction than any other in Orlando – from the queue videos with all new footage to the “Krustyland Fun Facts” featured during the preshow. For good reason too, Simpsons writers were on board for scripting the attraction and creating gags during the mid-2000s writer’s strike. Even long-time Simpsons voice actors like Hank Azaria, Nancy Cartwright, Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kaven, and yes even Kelsey Grammer as Sideshow Bob and Christopher Lloyd as Dr Emmett Brown. The jokes don’t stop at the ride exit – the Twirl n Hurl spinner next door also features a tongue-in-cheek script performed by a Simpsons alum.

The World Famous Jungle Cruise (Magic Kingdom)

Another entry for long waits, but lower satisfaction.

An opening day Disneyland and Magic Kingdom attraction, the Jungle Cruise used to be played straight as an authentic exploration of the jungle. Then with Marc Davis’ comedic additions in the 1960s the attraction slowly morphed into a more goofball presentation with Skippers so hammy they’re technically SPAM. The Jungle Cruise is now a fully comedic experience staffed full of College Program theater kids with a rotating set of new jokes and puns. Walt Disney Imagineering attempts to create official spiels and jokes for the Skippers but if there is one way to have a rebellion it’s to force a change. The Jungle Cruise is a classic attraction with a humorous twist that is well worth your time.

Race Through New York starring Jimmy Fallon (Universal Studios Florida)

The Tonight Show is an American cultural institution for nearly 70 years with thousands of episodes the late night variety show. Johnny Carson, Jay Leno, Conan O’Brien, and Jimmy Fallon became household names through their humor and hosting of the show. So when Universal was looking to build a comedy attraction based on a late-night show did they choose Leno, Conan, or even SNL? No, they chose the current host of the Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon. Ok, ok – yes I’m a hater of Jimmy Fallon (I’m more a Conan O’Brien and Craig Ferguson) but Race Through New York takes all the best jokes and skits from Fallon’s stint on the Tonight Show and creates an entertaining ride. Your thoughts on the overall humor of the preshow and ride will depend on how much you can stomach Jimmy’s humor. No matter your thoughts on the current incarnation of the Tonight Show we all can agree The Roots are a cultural treasure.

Frozen Sing-Along Celebration (Disney’s Hollywood Studios)

For the First Time I
Frozen Sing Along with Premium Package Seating – photo credit Kylene Hamulak

Sure, Josh Gad is funny – I saw him in Gutenberg! for crying out loud. But you might be thinking “Frozen… funny? Really?” Yes, really. Opened in the summer of 2014, the Frozen Sing-Along Celebration is a live-action sing-along to the movie Frozen featuring Anna and Elsa with movie segments on a giant screen behind them. Similar to Universal’s Horror Make-Up Show, the Frozen Sing-Along has two hosts with improv backgrounds to retell Anna and Elsa’s story. The writers understood how cloying a movie sing-along to Frozen could be so they smartly added comic relief. What we get is a show that pleases both Frozen fans and those who wish everyone could let it go.

Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem (Universal Studios Florida)

From Disney’s big animated hit to Universal’s – Despicable Me was a surprise hit from Illumination. In 2012 Minion Mayhem opened in Universal Studios Florida replacing the Jimmy Neutro Nicktoon Blast attraction. The simulator ride system remained but now guests are willing, or not so willing, recruits to become a Minion and help Gru with his biggest plan to date. After a zap with a ray-gun guests are Minion-ified to participate in training but not after long we are saving the girls from doom and saving the day. Minion Mayhem isn’t just filled with comedic slapstick humor from the Minions, it’s also got a lot of heart as we learn Gru’s big plan is actually an adoption anniversary party for the girls.

MuppetVision 3D (Disney’s Hollywood Studios)

Here we only recognize the TRUE MuppetVision exterior (hot air ballon not pictured) (c) Disney

MuppetVision is the pinnacle of humor in a theme park show, just as the Muppets are the pinnacle of humor in real life. MuppetVision is chock full of jokes, puns, and humor that you’d think it was written by a professional comedy writer… because it was! The original Muppet performers deliver their A-game, including Jim Henson in his last role as Kermit, to sell the heck out of this script. The queue even delivers with humorous parody movie posters, references to Mouskateer Annette Funicello, and the benefits of union membership. MuppetVision 3D is a true classic attraction and a fantastic final performance by Jim.

What tickles your funny bone? Leave your favorite funny attractions in the comments below.

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