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Best Drinks at the 2024 EPCOT Flower & Garden Festival

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Drinking around the World is never easier than at an EPCOT Festival – there’s so much to drink that the question is really what should you drink? Never fear, TouringPlans is here! We’ve got a rundown of the best cocktails and mocktails at the 2024 Flower & Garden Festival. Zero-proof items are marked with the 🥤 in the reviews below.

What should you prepare to pay? You’ll find beer and wine prices all over the place, but most cocktails land in the $11-14 range. On the other end, the non-alcoholic drinks are usually marked between $4.50 and $5.50 — and you can usually buy them with DDP Snack Credits as well.

🥤 Froot Loops Shake –$5.00 | DDP

This is for everyone who loves the sweetened milk at the bottom of the breakfast bowl more than they love the crunchy cereal. (What? You didn’t notice that’s why this is at BRUNCHOT?) Our team always gets this and they always love the first sip. But it is on the sweet side and it can be hard to make it to the bottom of the cup.

Coffee Cocktail –$11.00

If you prefer a grownup’s start to the day, this coffee cocktail makes a much better pairing with BRUNCHCOT’s Avocado Toast. But if you’re not in the mood for anything that smacks of nutrition, it goes great with the Fried Cinnamon Roll Bites too.

🥤 Orange-Lemon Smoothie –$15.00

It’s orange! It’s lemon! It’s Orange Bird’s Orange-Lemon Smoothie! And it tastes like … exactly like you would expect from the description. Slushy and citrusy, and a bit (but not too much) on the sweet side.

Pro tip: you don’t need to shell out the $15 if you don’t want to pack Orange Bird in your suitcase; any drink that comes in a collectible cup can also be purchased as just the drink, without the cup, for a price similar to other non-alcoholic offerings.

Hibiscus Lemonade Cocktail –$12.00

A little tart from the lemonade and with the floral notes of hibiscus, this is a grown-up cocktail that pairs nicely with the veal loin from this booth. It’s your call whether to mix it to uniformity before drinking it or enjoy that beautiful layered look.

🥤 Cucumber-Watermelon Slushy –$5.00 | DDP
Cucumber-Watermelon Slushy with Gin –$13.00

You can taste both the watermelon and the cucumber here, so if you’re expecting something light and refreshing then you’re on the right track. It’s not too sweet either. We didn’t feel that the gin was a benefit here; it’s too much along the same flavor lines as the cucumber and unbalances the drink.

🥤 Honey-Peach Cobbler Freeze –$5.00 | DDP
Honey-Peach Cobbler Freeze with blueberry vodka –$13.00

This tastes like a delicious honey-peach ice cream that half-melted in the sun; you’ll definitely get the honey and peach but the dairy is a big part of the equation. With the blueberry vodka added you will definitely taste the alcohol – but the blueberry, not so much.

🆕 Lychee Margarita –$14.50
🆕 Floral Margarita –$14.00

This pair of new cocktails from Jardin de Fiestas are both winners in our book. You will taste the mezcal in the Floral Margarita and it’s just the nicest note against the cherry and hibiscus. Summer afternoons on the porch … in a glass.

The Lychee Margarita will be a bit more divisive, but only because not everyone likes lychee. Our team were big fans, and we encourage you to give it a try. If the Floral Margarita is a summer afternoon on the porch, this one is the beach day version.

🥤 Tropical Slush –$4.50 | DDP
Tropical Breeze with Don Q Límon Rum –$11.50

If orange and lemon are not your thing, this citrusy slush is grapefruit and lemon. It definitely tastes like the natural juices, but we felt it could have used just a teensy bit more simple syrup. It was puckery tart, but if you are a grapefruit lover it might be just up your alley.

Are you wondering why we said this was optionally with the rum when on the menu card it says the rum version is a Tropical Breeze? Well, this is not a new drink at the Festival. Last year both versions were labeled Tropical Breeze, but for some reason this year the non-alcoholic one has a different name. We don’t know why either.

🆕 Florida Smoothie –$6.25 | DDP

Any drink gets bonus taste points for having flowers on top, but this one is as tasty as it is gorgeous. Between the pineapple and the orange you might expect this to be very sweet, but the mango keeps it all in check and you won’t even notice.

🥤 Mango Bubble Tea –$7.75 | DDP

The mango is mild, enough to balance the tea but not shout over it. This is also one of the largest cupfuls you’ll find at the Festival, big enough for some real hydration.

🆕 Dragon Dynasty –$14.50

China has a reputation for piling in the spirits, but we found this to be one of the least potent tipples at the Festival. It’s light and fruity, but the choice of dragon fruit keeps it on the less-sweet side.

🥤 Frozen Desert Violet Lemonade –$4.75 | DDP

This beauty has been the face of the Festival’s non-alcoholic lineup for over a decade, and I promise you it looks way better in person than it does in pictures. Did you even really go to the Festival if you didn’t get a Frozen Violet Desert Lemonade?

🆕🥤 Raspberry and Lemon Herbal Tea –$4.50 | D
🆕 Raspberry and Lemon Herbal Tea with Gin –$12.00

This is light and refreshing, sweet from the raspberry and just a bit tart from the limeade. You will notice the gin flavor if you add the gin, but it’s a nice balance.

🆕 Peach Smash –$11.50

Some of the year-round carts are getting in on the Festival action this year, and our team loved this cup from Canada’s popcorn cart. Can be paired with maple popcorn and a performance on the Old Mill Stage to great effect. 😉

Have you been to this year’s Flower & Garden Festival? What were your favorite drinks? Let us know in the comments!

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