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Park Pass Availability Analysis: A Follow-Up

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This is a follow-up to my recent Park Pass analysis blog post. The big unanswered question: If Park Pass availability does get added, when does it happen? Hollywood Studios and the Magic Kingdom Park Pass availability runs out the quickest. It has become obvious that non-Annual Passholders have the same allotted Park Passes.

We have seen Disney add or reallocate Park Pass availability after all Park Passes have been claimed. Before this week, it seemed like if your visit is more than 30 days away, you could expect to see Park Pass availability would return. Now in May, the number of days prior to your visit that Park Passes are no longer available has increased.

Added Park Pass Availability

For dates since March 1, 2021, we have seen a few batches of added Park Pass availability. The increase in availability is for all parks and all ticket groups. This is due to Disney holding back Park Pass reservations and/or Disney increasing capacity. The added Park Pass reservations stay available from a few hours to multiple days.

For most days in March and April that the initial Park Pass reservations were claimed, more Park Pass reservations were added and were available for multiple hours if not multiple days.

When Are Park Pass Reservations Added?

The good news is that when Park Pass reservations are added they stick around for a while. The big question is still when are they added? Unfortunately, there is not a specific time of day, or day of the week, when Disney adds Park Pass reservations.

The chart above shows the time when Hollywood Studios Park Pass reservations are added. (Other parks look similar.) The bubble size is based on the number of days the additional Park Pass reservations were available. The rows of bubbles were all added at the same time. We have not seen a large drop of additional Park Pass reservations since March. We have detected some small drops in April. It looks like we are due for a big drop.

Any Other Chance of Getting a Park Pass?

We check Park Pass availability every hour. The Park Pass availability can change at any time. With our monitoring of the Park Pass system, it is unlike we observe every change. When a user cancels a trip or changes their Park Pass park, the inventory will change. Unfornatatly there is not a simple strategy to acquire a Park Pass for a park that is currently unavailable. The best advice is simple–just keep checking.


Have any questions about Park Pass availability? Let us know what you’re thinking in the comments.


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One thought on “Park Pass Availability Analysis: A Follow-Up

  • Hi Steve, thank you for looking into the data for an answer to my question about what time during the day park pass availability is most likely to be released.

    I checked last night at 7:00 pm using a different strategy than in the past. Instead of looking for availability for my whole group, I just looked for availability for one person. It worked! I repeated the process immediately, and got park reservations for everyone in my party, one person at a time!


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