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Pixar Pier to Open This Summer at Disney California Adventure

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The D23 Expo Japan took place this evening and we got a few new details about Pixar Pier at Disney California Adventure. The main thing is its opening date, which is June 23.



This reimagined land will feature four whimsical neighborhoods representing beloved Pixar stories with newly themed attractions, foods and merchandise. Guests will enter Pixar Pier through a new marquee, pictured above, which will be topped by the iconic Pixar lamp later in the year.



As a reminder, the first land will be the Incredicoaster, themed after The Incredibles. (Which is currently California Screamin’.) The Incredicoaster will feature new character moments, new scenes and special effects, and an exciting musical score will connect the attraction’s story to the upcoming The Incredibles 2. The coaster will open on June 23, as well.

The second neighborhood will be inspired by Toy Story and it will be developed around the popular Toy Story Mania! attraction. The third neighborhood will be based around Inside Out and it will debut a new family-friendly attraction.

A fourth new neighborhood will celebrate other favorite Pixar stories. Mickey’s Fun Wheel will be themed with a new look and each of the gondolas will showcase a different Pixar character; the iconic face of Mickey Mouse will continue to appear though. At the Games of the Boardwalk, Guests will find that all the midway games will be inspired by Pixar characters and there will be new games that will include characters from A Bug’s Life, La Luna and WALL·E, as well as the current game, Bullseye Stallion Stampede,.

No official word on if the other neighborhoods will open on June 23, but I’ll be sure to keep you posted when I learn more!

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3 thoughts on “Pixar Pier to Open This Summer at Disney California Adventure

  • Do you know if there are any plans to change Paradise Pier Hotel to Pixar Pier? It could be fun to have a Pixar themed hotel and character breakfast!

  • Chances that the opening will be delayed?

    • I’m going to guess if they have a date to announce, they’ll try to stick by it as best they can. Disney doesn’t want to delay an opening that’s been officially announced unless they absolutely have to.

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