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EPCOT Quick Service Lunch & Dinner – Ranked!

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You can’t spend a full day in the parks without some fuel, so unless you’re heading out for a break your thoughts will wander to food at some point. Today we’re going to focus on where to eat Quick Service lunch and dinner in EPCOT. Looking for breakfast? See Five Places For a Quick Breakfast in EPCOT.

We’ve ranked these locations based on their ratings in TouringPlans user surveys. The dining is first in case you’re in the parks and reading on the go, but if you’re planning ahead there are some general tips at the end.

#1: Yorkshire County Fish Shop

The Yorkshire County Fish Shop in the UK Pavilion is unique on this list; the menu has no variety to please multiple family members. But “Let’s have fish & chips for dinner” is like the British version of “Let’s have pizza for dinner”, and plus, the Fish & Chips is that good. Unless you don’t like fish & chips, in which case you should give this spot a pass. See the menu here (what there is of it).

#2: Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie

Les Halles is in the France Pavilion, and serves a range of what you might think of as “French country picnic food”. But it is all delicious; what makes Les Halles a favorite is the high quality, and the bread. Should you choose, you can skip over your meal and go straight to the equally large selection of pastries. We won’t blame and we certainly won’t judge, we might have done this a time or two ourselves. The one downside of Les Halles is the relatively small indoor seating area; be prepared to carry your food away if it’s busy. See the menu here.

#3: Regal Eagle Smokehouse: Craft Drafts & Barbecue

Barbecue is the chosen U.S. cuisine in the World Showcase; you’ll find Regal Eagle Smokehouse at the American Adventure Pavilion. Regal Eagle has a full lineup of BBQ offerings, from sandwiches to salads to ribs. As long as you don’t think too hard about how “true-to-type” the options are to the regional BBQ styles they’re supposed to represent, most everything is tasty. There are occasional consistency issues (some things are a bit drier on some days than they ought to be), but everyone except for finicky BBQ connoisseurs should come away happy, as attested by this location’s 93% rating. See the menu here.

#4: La Cantina de San Angel

The name might be a giveaway that you’ll find La Cantina de San Angel in the Mexico Pavilion. The menu here is straight-up Tex-Mex; empanadas, tacos, etc., but the quality is very good and there’s perhaps a smidgen more “Mex” than “Tex”. Plus, that “straight-up Tex-Mex” description includes the drinks; cerveza, sangria, and margaritas are there to represent. For the zero-proof crowd, there are traditional Mexican sodas in three flavors. See the menu here.

#5: Crêpes à Emporter

Ah, the food of France, of gay Par-ee, how can you go wrong with a crêpe? Choose from savory galettes, or eat a dessert crêpe for your meal, we won’t tell. Both options are reasonably toothsome, but be aware that crêpes stand alone. No side of fries or veggies is to be found; your entire meal is in the wrapper. That’s helpful, because you’ll need to be prepared to carry it away; seating near the order window is scarce. See the menu here.

#6: Katsura Grill

The menu at Katsura Grill ranges from sushi to Japanese favorites to a lovely chicken cutlet curry. The food is flavorful, but one of the best reasons to eat here might be the setting. If you’re sitting outdoors, you’ll find that Imagineering has worked its magic to make you feel like you’re visiting a calm, garden area in Japan. As a break from a day of hectic touring, it feels very zen. If you’re seated indoors, you’ll find simple Japanese styling and tables that are poised with just-right views of the outdoor areas, giving the illusion that you’re truly eating your lunch somewhere in Japan. See the menu here.

#7: Connections Cafe & Eatery

Connections holds down one side of World Celebration, at the front of the park. The actual Quick Service location is Connections Eatery; the Cafe is the Starbucks location. But it has items that you could make a hefty snack of, and the two are rated very closely, so we’ve grouped them together here. You’ll find a fairly straightforward lineup of burgers, pizza, and salads. The pizza is the most likely to disappoint, but our overall take on the offerings is that they are serviceable. That’s not a very exciting word, is it? Neither is the food. In a park with so much great eating, you can do a lot better. See the menu here.

#8: Sunshine Seasons

Sunshine Seasons in the Land Pavilion was once easily among the top Quick Service options in EPCOT. And 85% of diners still have a good experience here, which just goes to show how strong EPCOT’s food game is. You’ll find a hefty lineup of Grab’n’Go, as well as just shy of a dozen hot entrees. The food is heavily American, even when it’s ethnic, and the hot entrees are good quality. But when making your plans, be aware that it’s only Grab’n’Go at dinner time. See the menu here.

#9: Lotus Blossom Café

As you pass through the China Pavilion, you’ll have the chance to dine at the Lotus Blossom Cafe. Does the name remind you of a mall food court Chinese outfit? Good call, the food will too. See the menu here.

General Tips

⭐ Quick Service restaurants get very busy around lunch; arrive by 11:30 or closer to 1 pm. Otherwise you may find a long line, or a long wait for a seat. Mobile Ordering in advance can help, but when the line is backed up it takes longer to pick up Mobile Order too. The dinner crowd tends to be a bit more spread out.

⭐ Both Quick Service restaurants in the front half of the park (Connections Eatery & Sunshine Seasons) have large indoor seating areas and no outdoor seating. In World Showcase, Regal Eagle has large areas for both indoor and outdoor seating. Beyond that there’s a wide range including a few places that have quite limited seating.

⭐ Locations that serve “Snack” menus were left off this list so we could focus on spots with enough variety to make everyone in the group happy. But, some of those Snack menus you could make a happy meal of.

⭐ If there’s a Festival going on, you can easily make your meal from the Festival kitchens. But there are a couple of considerations. If you’re using the Disney Dining Plan, most food items can be purchased for a Snack credit, but you can’t spend Quick Service meal credits at the Festival booths. And pound for pound, you’ll spend more; Festival items tend to be more expensive than similar items at Quick Service restaurants.

What’s your favorite Quick Service lunch or dinner in EPCOT? Are you on Team Variety or Team Everything is One Dish? Let us know in the comments!

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