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Five Places For a Quick Breakfast in EPCOT

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In the rush for rope drop, it’s pretty common to grab a quick – but not substantial – bite on the way out the door. This lick-and-a-promise treatment means you’ll be looking for something more lasting once the first few attractions are in your rearview mirror. For a sit-down breakfast at EPCOT  you’ll have two choices: Akershus and Garden Grill. But today we’re going to focus on Quick Service. EPCOT has five locations offering Quick Service breakfast, and they range from pedestrian to stellar. None of them are available for Mobile Order.

When to pause for food is something that you’ll have to decide, balancing your energy levels against the building crowds. We recommend not stopping during Early Entry or for at least half an hour after regular park opening; this is when the lines will be their shortest of the morning. Once you see the wait times starting to get long, you can find a good time to take a break and grab some food. Don’t forget that food and drink are allowed in the outdoor portions of a queue, so if someone in your group isn’t quite done you can get on the move and bring it with you. Many of the items below will qualify as snacks on the 2024 Disney Dining Plan.

Connections Café

Connections Café is EPCOT’s Starbucks outlet, and it features Starbucks coffee along with all your Starbucks breakfast favorites and a few additional items. The Liege Waffle in particular is favored by many. (Menu here).

Connections Cafe is open for Early Entry, although the attached Connections Eatery doesn’t open until lunchtime. But we suggest that unless you are desperate, you will regret making a detour on your way to Test Track or Frozen. That said, the lineup here has more non-carb options than some other breakfast spots in the park, if you are looking for some protein to make your breakfast last until lunchtime.

Sunshine Seasons

On the other side of Future World, Sunshine Seasons has a lone Ham, Egg & Cheese breakfast sandwich amidst a menu of pastries. But, you can get an assortment of fruit, there’s some protein available in yogurt parfaits, and the coffee here is Joffrey’s if you are a coffee partisan. (See the menu)

Sunshine Seasons is also a great strategic stop if you’ve chosen to head to Soarin’ during the first hour or so after the park opens to everyone. You can grab a bite here after your Soarin’ World Tour, take in the rest of the Land Pavilion afterward, and head back out into the fray.

Kringla Bakeri og Cafe

Conveniently located in Norway, close to the World Showcase entrance, is Kringla Bakeri og Cafe. Kringla is a long-time favorite of WDW regulars and the School Bread is on many “best snack” lists. Don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s just bread – it’s the custardy center that turns this into a full-on breakfast option.

Kringla Bakeri’s famous School Bread

Kringla Bakeri’s coffee is from Joffrey’s, and the menu appears at first glance to be mostly pastry and little protein. But don’t forget that there are eggs in custard. Those are protein, right? (See the menu) And if you don’t need protein, then Kringla Bakeri og Cafe is the place to pick up your Mickey cinnamon roll that’s shaped like a Mickey head.

Kringla Bakeri og Cafe is open for Early Entry, but we suggest getting in line for Frozen Ever After first and making your stop here at a later time. Although, if the line for Frozen is already very long and extends outside, you could send one person to make a calculated dash from the line and bring back a few pastries to share around. But you’ll want to be confident of your timing on this.

Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie

Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie is the first of our last two options, both of which are in France. Patisserie is in the name, and you’ll definitely find plenty of yummy pastries and sweets. But since this stop offers its entire “Lunch and Dinner” menu right from regular park opening, you’ll also find plenty of sandwiches with ham, bacon, or cheese in them to balance out the carbs with protein. If you want something that screams breakfast, the Croissant Jambon Fromage (Ham, Cheese and Béchamel in a Croissant) is a great pick. (See the full menu)

Eclairs for breakfast? You are on vacation, right?

Crêpes à Emporter

Similar to Les Halles, Crêpes à Emporter does not officially serve breakfast, only Lunch and Dinner. However, it opens right with the park’s regular hours, and you can eat crepes any time of the day. Crêpes à Emporter offers both crepes and gallettes, with the crepes holding down the sweet side of the menu and the savory (read: protein in evidence) side covered by the gallettes. One thing to know that may affect your choice of Crêpes à Emporter as a breakfast spot: there is no coffee on the menu. (See the menu)

Other Options

EPCOT has four Joffrey’s carts located inside the park, and one outside the main entrance. While the offerings here are mostly coffee, you’ll find some pastries available throughout the day. And if you’re visiting during an EPCOT Festival, most of the kitchens don’t open until 11 am. But there’s always one that opens with the park’s regular hours, serving breakfast options that aren’t on the official Festival menu.

What’s your favorite breakfast in EPCOT. Are you on Team Liege Waffle, or Team Eclair? Let us know in the comments!

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