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Would You Rather: Disney Vacation Club Edition

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Len Testa does an occasional segment for the WDW Today podcast that he calls “Would You Rather.” In it, he and his cohosts compare Walt Disney World vacations of similar pricing.

dvc-logoIt’s a revealing exercise that forces you to prioritize what you really value in your traveling. Perhaps staying off property doesn’t matter if it means you can use the savings for food and souvenirs. Or maybe you refuse to stay anywhere but a Disney deluxe resort, even if it means scrimping elsewhere.

This concept also works well with Disney Vacation Club, thanks to the vacation point system. Whether you own or rent points, everyone is using the same point charts to determine the cost of their stay, so it’s easy to compare apples to apples.

In this exercise, we will compare five different Disney Vacation Club itineraries at Walt Disney World using around 160 points — a fairly standard annual allotment. We’ll compare units with room to sleep at least eight guests visiting WDW in the summer (Magic Season). Join me below to get a sense of varying options DVC presents. 

Plunge pool at Polynesian Villas bungalow

Scenario 1: Polynesian Villas and Bungalows – 1 weeknight in a two-bedroom bungalow – 160 points

Yes, we’re starting with the most expensive room in Disney Vacation Club’s portfolio. You can get in here for as little as 115 points a night during Adventure Season, but you can see that no matter what, a stay in the Bungalows will set you back quite a bit. For that once-in-lifetime visit, it’s an unforgettable experience to lounge in your own plunge pool as you watch Wishes across Seven Seas Lagoon. While proximity to the Magic Kingdom is great, I don’t think I’d want to squander time away from this amazing bungalow.

Scenario 2: The Villas at Grand Floridian Resort and Spa – 2 weeknights in a two-bedroom villa – 150 points

Heading down the monorail, we stop at the Grand Floridian, where you can stay at Disney’s flagship resort for an additional night at a price of 10 fewer points than you would spend on that Polynesian bungalow. Then, you can rent those extra points to pay for a meal for two at Citricos or Narcoossee’s and perhaps still watch Wishes from your balcony. If you prefer Bay Lake Tower, you can stay the weekend with theme park view for 152 points.

Treehouse Villa
Treehouse Villa exterior

Scenario 3: Treehouse Villas at Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa – 3 nights (including one weekend night) in a three-bedroom Treehouse Villa – 158 points

Moving away from the monorail, we’re up to three nights. In terms of actual space you get an additional bedroom in 1,074 square feet (just below the 1,093 square feet of the Polynesian bungalow) and you can sleep up to nine. Each villa has a large wooden deck with a charcoal grill. You’ll enjoy more privacy than the other DVC choices. You’re also a short boat ride from all the new fun at Disney Springs. Back on the monorail, you can stay three weeknights in a Bay Lake Tower lake view two-bedroom for 156 points.

Scenario 4: Disney’s Boardwalk Villas – 4 weeknights in a two-bedroom standard view villa – 164 points

We have to go slightly above 160 points, but we get four nights at an Epcot area resort. This is for a standard view villa, which for those who dislike the noise and activity on the Boardwalk, is not necessarily a minus. One thing to keep in mind is that you likely need access to Boardwalk points and must act promptly 11 months out to get this reservation. Due to the low point cost, standard view rooms are hard to come by at the seven-month window. Alternately, you can get four nights in a huge (1,333 square feet) two-bedroom villa at Old Key West for 160 points. The question is whether you like the hustle of the Boardwalk or the flow of Old Key West.

Photo - Disney
Animal Kingdom Lodge lobby

Scenario 5: Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas – 5 weeknights in a two-bedroom value villa – 165 points

Hard to believe, but for five more points than you spent on one night in a Polynesian bungalow, you can stay five nights at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. The value villa reflects the smaller space (945 square feet), and it’s luck of the draw whether you get a savanna view. Once again, you will only be able to reserve one of these-high demand rooms with Animal Kingdom Villas points at the 11-month mark. There are just five units in inventory, all at Jambo House. Consider yourself lucky if you’re able to snag a reservation. Alternately, you can spend three nights, including one weekend night, in a larger two-bedroom savanna view for 161 points.

So there you have it, very different experiences with different lengths of stay at similar price points. If anything, this exercise demonstrates the vast array of choices that Disney Vacation Club offers, including options for the more value-oriented traveler.

If you had to pick one of these stays, which would it be?





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11 thoughts on “Would You Rather: Disney Vacation Club Edition

  • This is a great article!

    Since you borrowed the idea from WDW Today, I think Len should steal this article outright for use on a future episode of the podcast.

    • Len is more than welcome to do that. I think it would be a great episode as well.

  • BWV would be my choice and I love this idea for blog posts! I hope you do more like this!

  • AKV- We have to travel pretty far to get to disney so I would opt for the longest stay.

  • SSR for a girls weekend. Space and access to Disney Springs!

  • Animal Kingdom Villas for 5 nights. More days at Disney is the deciding factor.

  • I would probably go with BWV for 4 nights. DAK would be tempting to get the extra night but I love the BWV/BCV area and walking to Epcot.

  • BWV hands down. It’s a great resort and 4 nights beats 2 nights any trip 🙂 I would be equally as psyched to stay at Old Key West for the same amount of time. The Poly bungalows don’t really interest me. It’s not even the crazy money/points as it is that they just don’t appeal to me. If I want that type of location, I’ll go to an island. If I want fun, themed resorts and parks, I’m going to Disney.

  • I’m a DVC Member and one of my home resorts is DAK Lodge. I absolutely love that resort, but if given the chance, if lets say I happened to have extra point somehow, I’d go with either the Bungalow or the Treehouse.

    If I was not a local and unable to pop in nearly anytime I wish then I’d want more nights and would go with one of the other options listed, but since I am able to visit often I’d rather have an amazing night or two in one of the stand alone buildings. The treehouse villas are very unique and I think a great use of points. I’ve stayed before with my family and we absolutely loved every minute. Especially as Christmas time. The rustic grounds have tinsel lamp post decorations and many people, like us decorated the awesome outdoor porch.

    I’ve also dreamed of staying in a Poly bungalow. I’d spend the whole night enjoy all the features and cap it off when a glass of champagne while chilling in the plunge pool with the fireworks and the water pageant.

    • I own at AKV as well, and one of the main reasons, other than loving the resort, is access to those value rooms. I’m not a local, so being able to stretch those points for longer stays is a big plus.

      I agree that the Treehouse Villas are a good value, too, for the amount of points a reservation requires.


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