REVIEW – Breakfast at Centertown Market at Disney’s Caribbean Beach

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How does breakfast beneath a palm tree sound? At Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort breakfast choices range from traditional to plant-based, and include a kids meal that you’ve got to see, or taste, to believe. Centertown Market is the quick service dining location of this tropical themed resort, and during a relaxing weekend getaway, my family enjoyed a satisfying breakfast here before hopping aboard the Disney Skyliner for theme park adventures.

Centertown Market at Caribbean Beach Resort

Centertown Market offers mobile ordering. I placed our order in our hotel room about 20 minutes before I was ready to pick it up. Once we were ready to head out the door I checked in for our meal indication “I’m here, prepare my order” in the MyDisneyExperience app.

I was nervous as we made the 10-minute walk from the Aruba section, across the bridge and through Caribbean Cay, then over to the market. I thought perhaps our meals would be sitting there as we made the walk, growing cold or soggy. In actuality, I left my husband and toddler at Caribbean Cay to enjoy the little recreational island, as I waited nearly 10 more minutes for our food – 20 minutes total for our food to be ready.

Caribbean Cay Seating Area

We ordered the following:

  • Island Bounty Platter (Plant-Based Version)
    Small Mickey-shaped Waffle served with Plant-Based Scrambled “Eggs”, Home Fries, Plant-Based “Sausage” – $11.29
  • Cage-free Egg Popper
    Hard-boiled Cage-free Egg “Pop” with Green Bacon Powder, Green Pirate Juice, and Pineapple served with choice of two sides and choice of Beverage. – $6.39
Plant-Based Bounty Breakfast Platter
Kids Breakfast – Egg Popper with Green Bacon Powder and Pirate Juice

I also ordered an espresso from the Specialty Coffees section of the menu. But the pick up window for that is separate from the food pick up and had its own line. So after waiting 20 minutes and worrying about leaving my husband to chase our toddler around Caribbean Cay, I forfeited the espresso and left.

We secured some outdoor seating at Caribbean Cay which is a recreational island in the middle of Caribbean Beach’s lagoon. A bridge connects the two sides of the shore, leading guests in the Jamaica and Aruba areas over to Centertown Market and the feature pool. Caribbean Cay provided the quiet we wanted and we much prefer to dine outdoors right now.

Plant-Based Bounty Breakfast Platter

The Plant-Based Island Bounty Platter was a satisfyingly large serving. My husband and son split it as my son has a few food allergies. I snuck in a few bites and was surprised at the flavorful seasoning of every single item in the platter. There was not one single item on this platter that myself nor my husband did not like. Our son didn’t dig it that much because he is a toddler after all and any parent knows the whim of a toddler can change with the direction of the wind.

Kids Breakfast – Egg Popper with Green Bacon Powder and Pirate Juice

The kids meal Egg Popper was my choice. I could not resist this weird looking breakfast and it seemed like a pretty good deal at $6.39. It comes with your choice of two sides, and I choose double bacon because it is one of the few foods my son is guaranteed to eat.

So what is an Egg Popper? It’s a hard boiled egg that’s deshelled and put on a stick, and in this case placed on a bed of “Green Bacon Powder.” The egg was quite large and had a seasoning on it in addition to the bacon powder. This proved to be messy as the green powder sprinkled off the egg and onto my mouth and clothes. Each bite was tasty and had nice flavor, but also became a challenge. I cannot imagine how messy a kid would get from this.

Kids Breakfast – Egg Pop with Green Bacon Powder and Pirate Juice

This kids meal is accompanied by “Green Pirate Juice” in addition to a beverage of your choice. I was excited by the “Green Pirate Juice” as I am a big advocate of drinking cold pressed green juice. In this case the “Green Pirate Juice” was very sweet, it tasted like it had apple, pear, and spinach. It could easily fool anyone into thinking it is just a sweet juice. Pineapple chunks were also part of the meal and the two sides of bacon resulted in six strips. My husband and son devoured them all.

Have you ever stayed at Caribbean Beach? How does this breakfast sound to you?

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  • I had that same healthy breakfast there couple
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  • We ate there for breaksfast the only thing that was half decent was the bacon.

  • Is the green bacon powder made from real or vegetarian bacon? Thanks.

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