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REVIEW – Rose and Crown Continues Its Reign of Quality and Value

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Dining at World Showcase in EPCOT is usually a fantastic experience no matter which restaurant you choose. But, there are some that are EPCOT classics. One such classic is the Rose an Crown Dining Room. Our team revisited this popular pub-style restaurant to make sure its quality continues to be brilliant.

The Rose and Crown stands proudly on World Showcase promenade in the United Kingdom Pavilion. There is a proper pub in the front, and a dining room in the back with outside dining as well. The outdoor dining offers some relaxing views of World Showcase and the lagoon.

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The menu at Rose and Crown consists of classic fare from the United Kingdom including favorites like Fish and Chips, Shepherd’s Pie, and Bangers and Mash. It mustn’t be easy to be a British themed restaurant and pub in the United States that’s a popular destination for guests actually from the United Kingdom who are very familiar with the real deal. But, Rose and Crown Dining Room generally satisfies most guests.

Fish and Chips at Rose and Crown

We have listings and ratings for all Walt Disney World restaurants on our site and our readers give Rose and Crown an 89% thumbs up rating. It is ranked 33 out of 106 table service restaurants at Disney World. So while it is not in the top tier, it is still a solid choice.

Chrissy on our team, and our junior researcher Gigi stopped in for an early dinner and ordered some of the classics on the menu:

  • Fish and Chips – “Rose & Crown’s Signature Dish” Beer-battered and served with Tartar Sauce – $25.00
  • Shepherd’s Pie – Ground Beef, Seasonal Vegetables, English Peas, and Mashed Potatoes with McCall’s Irish Cheddar – $22.00
  • English Trifle – Layers of Strawberries, Vanilla Custard, Graham Crackers, and Whipped Cream – $8.00

The Fish and Chips are indeed the signature dish. Although you can get a serving of fish and chips from the Yorkshire County Fish Shop outside for half the price, the quality of the fish is lesser and the serving is smaller. At the dining room the Fish and Chip are thick Cod and fried to perfection. The chips are tender and fluffy, with a crispy exterior. It is near perfection for being in a theme park.

Fish and Chips at Rose and Crown

On a rare chilly Central Florida Day a piping hot dish of Shepherd’s Pie is just the thing. Our team’s serving was rich and decadent. The Irish Cheddar on top added a delightful tang, and it’s hard not to be jealous of the perfect preparation and presentation of the mashed potatoes.

Shepherd’s Pie at Rose and Crown
Shepherd’s Pie at Rose and Crown

It was hard for our team to decide between the Sticky Toffee Pudding or the English Trifle, but with the heavy entrees, the English Trifle won out. This generous serving of strawberry and vanilla custard was still light enough to not feel like a brick on top of a heavy meal. Refreshing and sweet, it can make you feel like a child again as it resembles an ice cream sundae so many Americans are fond of.

English Trifle at Rose and Crown

Like so many other restaurants since the July 2020 reopening, the menu at Rose and Crown has been reduced a little. The Corned Beef and Cabbage, Grilled Scottish Salmon, and Savory Vegetable Crumble are currently not on the menu. The Vegetable Crumble is replaced by an Impossible Savory Hot Pot, which is very similar to the Shepherd’s Pie.

Have you dined at Rose and Crown before? What’s your favorite item on the menu?

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  • Husband likes the salmon, I’m a fish-n-chips fan. Best of all tho is the Scotch egg!

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