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REVIEW – The NEW Agave Experience at La Cava is Exquisite

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A new experience is debuting at EPCOT that is truly special. The Agave Experience at La Cava del Tequila is brand new and we’ve just been among the first to give it a try. If you love culinary and spirited explorations this tasting experience is a must-do.

Aside from a trip to Tequila, Mexico itself there is no better place to learn about tequila and mezcal than La Cava del Tequila. This EPCOT treasure is known for serving creative margaritas, but its true treasure lies in the incredible assortment of tequila and mezcal available. True La Cava fans know to head inside this warmly lit tequila bar anytime they are ready to explore new and unique agave-based spirits. The margaritas are pretty great, but what’s really the best way to enjoy La Cava is to explore their incredible cache of tequila and mezcal, and The Agave Experience takes that to the next level.

The Agave Experience at La Cava – General Information

This experience is for adults 21 and older. It lasts about 45 minutes, with fun and informative interaction with La Cava’s tequila ambassadors who are well versed in the craft of agave spirits. The cost is $100 plus tax and service tip, per person with a minimum of 4 guests and a maximum of 6 per tasting. It is one of the most premium experiences currently offered at Walt Disney World, but there’s nothing else like it at the resort right now. Reservations can be made by sending an email to lacava@palmasrestaurants.com.

Generally only one group will be accommodated at a time, making this a very exclusive experience, and it feels more comfortable than if multiple groups were allowed in at the same time. The experience takes place in the seating area which is not currently open. The tables are distanced away from other guests ordering at the bar, which is only available to-go. Being the only guests allowed in the seating area felt so exclusive.

The Agave Experience at La Cava – Review

Our Tequila Ambassador was Humberto, who welcomed us with a welcome Top Shelf Margarita. We were seated at a table with plenty of room to spread out, and with a hint at the fun that we were going to have with all the different forms of tequila.


Humberto explained that there’s 200 different types of agave, and it takes 2-7 years to reach maturity for tequilas beyond the Blanco category. Out of the types of agave, 39 can be used for mezcal. Only one type of agave can be tequila: blue agave. Humberto used the mural in La Cava to explain the process of how agave becomes tequila or mezcal.

In all, we sampled five tequilas and one mescal, not including the welcome margarita. There was also a special farewell cordial. (Pro tip: Make sure you eat before you arrive — you do not want to do this on an empty stomach, although chips and fresh guacamole were provided at the table as well.)

First up, we learned the proper way to drink tequila. Many Americans are used to the idea of slamming back a tequila shot, but like a fine wine, there is a technique to drinking tequila properly: Take a deep breath, sip a little, swish around, open your mouth, put a little under your tongue and hold for a few seconds and then swallow. This allows you to truly experience all the depth and flavors.

We had a shot of vodka to serve as a palate cleanser before we began the tasting, and there was an “aroma plate” with items to sniff with each drink to help enhance the tasting experience.

Keen-eyed observers can see cinnamon, citrus, coffee, chocolate, and yes… crickets.

Tequila 1: A hand-made tequila from Siembra Spirits 

This is a delightful handcrafted tequila. No modern machines were used in its creation. This variety had a citrus taste, a little vanilla, and was bright. It was a refreshing way to start off the tasting.

Tequila 2: Tequila Clase Azul Reposado

After the bright Blanco, this was our first sweet one of the bunch. It was warm and had some vanilla notes and was smooth and soft, but not heavy.

Tequila 3: Santanera Anejo

The Anejo is aged more than 1 year but no longer than 3. The tequila maker plays music for the tequila as it ages! The tequila masters are convinced that Mozart being played 24/7 changes the body of the tequila.

Tequila 4: Tequila Tromba

The man who created this Extra Anejo also created Don Julio. This Extra Anejo is aged 3 years exactly.

Tequila 5: Casa Dragones Joven, “Young Tequila”


This one is bright, like a silver tequila: silky, lemony, and with hints of pepper. Like a red blend wine is the best of every wine, a young tequila has all the best characteristics of good tequila.

It is normally $150 per bottle and is not served anywhere else on Disney property; it is exclusive to The Agave Experience tasting.

Tequila 6: Real Minero Mezcal

Out of the tequilas, Tequila Class Azul Reposado and Casa Dragones are available at La Cava and a few other places, but the Santanera, Tequila Tromba, and Siembra Spirits offerings are exclusive to this tasting session. That really helps make this experience extra special for lovers of fine tequilas.

The experience is a pricey one, but for someone who truly loves tequila, it is worth the value due to the high cost of some of the drinks sampled. For instance, the young tequila comes in at $250/bottle and the mezcal is $150/bottle. But even more than the sampling itself, the intent was to create a true experience that would be a memory that lasts. For special occasions this is one of the best experiences currently available at Walt Disney World.





Note: For this review, like all of our reviews unless noted, TouringPlans pays full price for our meals, trips, and other experiences to allow for unbiased reviews. In terms of COVID precautions, our team had COVID-19 rapid tests less than 24 hours before the event, and we maintained social distancing plus wore masks the entire time during the experience aside from sips and tastes.

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5 thoughts on “REVIEW – The NEW Agave Experience at La Cava is Exquisite

  • The Tequila Tromba is not made by the person or company that made Don Julio. The individual is the grandson of Don Julio with a different brand.

  • Dani,
    I thank you for this review.

    I am a product specialist in a state controlled alcoholic beverage control store. Tequila is my favorite category. Out of the five products you reviewed, we, sell the Class Azul Reposado and the Casa Dragones Joven (& the blanco). I have, yet, had the opportunity to sample these.

    I look forward to my next trip to Florida. THE AGAVE EXPERIENCE at LA CAVA is on the list with ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐!

  • Awesome look at this new experience! One slight thing though, can you please change “young Tequila” to Joven? Although that is the translation, the proper name is Casa Dragones Joven. If people are looking for it elsewhere this will help them find it as it is different from the Blanco version they make! Thanks for all you do!

    • Glad you enjoyed the review, it was a great experience. Humberto our ambassador continually referred to it as “young tequila” but I will absolutely add your note. Thanks for reading! Salud!

  • Great review! Clase Azul is my favorite tequila.

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