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Skyliner Update: Art of Animation-Pop Century Station

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We’re slowly moving closer to the opening of the Skyliner system, and that means more testing and construction walls coming down.

Watching the Skyliner in action, it is amazing how quiet the system is, with only a muffled “thud” as it enters and exits the station. With the gondolas empty, there’s a noticeable amount of “sway” as it enters and exits the station. From seeing other version of this kind of system, the sway should mostly go away once the gondolas are fully loaded.

Within the station, there appears to be a bypass that can hold a few gondolas at a time–I’m hopeful this will be able to be used for those with accessibility needs who might need a little extra time getting on or off the gondola.

Signage has started to appear around the area, too.

And the restrooms near the Art of Animation-Pop station appear to be just about ready. (Note the sandbags in place from Hurricane Dorian prep.)

The Skyliner system is scheduled to open on September 29, 2019.

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2 thoughts on “Skyliner Update: Art of Animation-Pop Century Station

  • Any truth to the rumor that we won’t have to have to transfer at Caribbean Beach if we are going to Hollywood Studios from Pop?

  • This gondola “bypass” is indeed there for access by folks with a scooter, wheel chairs, etc. There is room for 2 gondolas and after one has loaded and is moving ahead to take its place on the haul rope, another empty one comes off the rope and replaces the one which has just departed.

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