Soarin’ At Epcot And California Adventure Closed Until Further Notice

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Last night, Soarin’ closed on both coasts for urgent maintenance. According to, a guest somehow exited the glider before take off. This has led to an investigation of the restraint system to determine how the guest got out.

Since Test Track is still closed, this means Epcot is missing two major high-capacity attractions. Wait times for other attractions will likely be very high.

We will update as more information becomes available.

Update Soarin’ has now reopened at Epcot.

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8 thoughts on “Soarin’ At Epcot And California Adventure Closed Until Further Notice

  • I just got back from Disney World today (5/5)…rode Soarin’ at almost midnight last night (5/4). It was closed all of 5/3 too(starting at about 10:30 am, according to a Soarin’ cast member). I wondered what was going on!

  • I am terrified of falling out each time I ride. One errant toe itch and I am falling 80 feet to an unpadded floor. Wish it had a shoulder strap or something.

    • Me too! I always use the center strap that is made for little kids.

  • WOW…unless it was malfunctioning, you would have to be extremely thin to slip out of that restraint! I hope Disney can fix it quickly.

  • Maybe they’ll take the opportunity to clean the film while it’s down. 🙂

    • I wish! That is my biggest issue with Soarin’!

      • I’m sure it’s wishful thinking, but sure would be nice!

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