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The BoardWalk — There’s Something In The Air

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Last week I had the pleasure of staying at one of my favorite Walt Disney World resorts.  The BoardWalk.  I have praised this resort several times in my Touringplans posts — specifically Club Level. On this visit I stayed in a standard view room and not Club Level. 

                My room – 1306 – was located in what I like to call “The BoardWalk Basement”.  When I walked in the smell of mildew overtook my olfactory senses.  (Disclaimer, I have highly sensitive nose.)  My first thought was, “I’m a Disney fan and willing to forgive some things that a non Disneyphile might not over look.”   So far, not a great beginning.

                The room was clean and really no different than the rooms I stayed on Club Level.  I love the beds.  You get about 6 pillows.  Very comfortable sleeping.  The toilet and shower are in a room together with a door separated from the 2 sinks and 2 mirrors just on the other side.  2 people could easily be getting ready at one time.

                The BoardWalk’s quick service dining options are less convenient than other deluxe resorts.  In the morning the bar that sold martinis the night before sells coffee, cereal, fruit etc.  The Bakery is located outside on the boardwalk.  It’s not terribly far away and does offer a large variety of pastries.  

                When staying at the BoardWalk it’s a great opportunity to experience the restaurants on the boardwalk or over at Epcot or even Hollywood Studios.  I love the location.  With its close proximity to Epcot and Hollywood Studios it’s  a delightful walk to both. 

                You know my husband’s favorite saying, “A luxury once tasted becomes a necessity.”  Well, if I can be completely honest, I have to admit, I really missed Club Level at the BoardWalk.  I would stay at the BoardWalk again non – Club Level.  I would just hope that I wouldn’t have to stay in “The BoardWalk basement.”      

                What is your impression of the BoardWalk?

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Caroline Baggerly

Caroline has a love of Disney that her family and friends don't quite get. Always ready for a trip to the Happiest Place on Earth or to do research for "The Unofficial Guide".

7 thoughts on “The BoardWalk — There’s Something In The Air

  • We are DVC members at Boardwalk and love the location. The first time we left the world showcase by international gateway and saw the resorts near Epcot we knew we wanted to stay here. The fact that you can walk to 2 parks is great and you get a lot of food choices. Epcot is our favorite park and we always seem to spend about half our time in Epcot. We have never stayed in a concierge room, how does the Boardwalk concierge compare to other deluxe resorts?

  • Thanks Caroline for the review. I appreciate your honesty. The mildew smell has me concerned. I, too, have a highly sensitive nose and allergies. We have considered staying here (but certainly couldn’t afford Club Level) but now I’m wondering if I should avoid it. I’d hate to spend my trip with a head cold. I was wondering if you or others have had the same experience in standard rooms that might not be located in the “basement”?

  • The BoardWalk is definitely one of my favourite places to just hang out, and I’d really love to stay there during Food and Wine, for ease of access to Epcot! For us, it’s going to be the villas – I could never justify Club Level at WDW because I don’t like to spend any time in the room.

    • Hi Becca,
      I love the BoardWalk. Being so close to Epcot during Food and Wine is a huge plus. If you’re in a villa, you can keep food in your room so quick service dining options aren’t that important. Thanks for reading and replying. 🙂

  • Very curious to know -which would you choose Poly or boardwalk and why : ). Oh, how long to walk to epoch and dhs from bs? Thanks.

    • Hi Scott,
      I would pick the Poly. I love the location. You can walk to the Epcot monorail or hop on the MK monorail. I love all of the dining options. I enjoy the pools, and the view of the MK.

      It probably takes 5 minutes to walk to Epcot and maybe 8-10 mins to walk to Hollywood Studios. I like to walk so that is a bonus for me. Thanks and I hope that helps.

      • The walking I referred to is from the Boardwalk. 🙂

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