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The Pokestops of Galaxy’s Edge at Walt Disney World

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Although Disney fully expects you to use your “datapad” (aka smartphone) in Galaxy’s Edge in conjunction with the Play Disney app for exploring all the amazing secrets of Batuu, there’s still plenty of Pokemon GO players visiting Disney who will also have plenty to do on Batuu–especially trying to hatch those 10k eggs for a chance at Unown or completing Jirachi research around the grand opening of Galaxy’s Edge in Walt Disney World.

Although there are no Pokemon GO gyms in Galaxy’s Edge yet, there are six Pokestops available and numerous spawn points. Here’s the six Pokestops you can find in Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

As you enter Galaxy’s Edge from the Grand Avenue entrance, the first Pokestop you will come to is for the not-yet-opened Rise of the Resistance. Expect this one to be lured frequently once the ride is open and people are waiting in line.

Across from it is the X-Wing Fighter Pokestop.

Moving along the third Pokestop is located at Ronto Roasters.

Across from that, there is a Pokestop at Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities.

Next, of course, you know there would have to be a Pokestop for the Millennium Falcon!

The final Pokestop is located in the First Order area at the TIE Fighter

Although there currently aren’t enough spawn points to make this a worthwhile location for Community Day or other catch events, if you’re in Galaxy’s Edge, you can still have the fun of spinning Pokestops while you are there. Now if only we could convince Niantic to have the location tag from eggs spun there to read Batuu….

Are you a Pokemon GO player at Walt Disney World or looking for friends to send gifts while they’re at the parks? Feel free to leave your friend code in the comments. 

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5 thoughts on “The Pokestops of Galaxy’s Edge at Walt Disney World

  • Touring Plans, right there with the important info. Love this

  • And how about Wizards Unite? It has the same basic overlay as PoGo, but Inns, Greenhouses and Fortresses instead of stops and gyms….

    • I’ll need to verify on my next trip over which are Inns and which are Greenhouses, but because there are no Pokemon gyms in Galaxy’s Edge, there wouldn’t be Fortresses. That said, Disney’s Hollywood Studios is a great park for both Wizards Unite and Pokemon GO because it’s so compact and there’s a LOT of spots and spawn points (for Pokemon or for Foundables) all over the place as well as Pokestops/Inns and Greenhouses and Gyms/Fortresses. I haven’t made it out to a Wizards Unite Community Day, so I don’t know how many players are about, but I would wager there’s a decent number around.

      • That’s not necessarily true. I have poke stops that are fortresses and vice versa where I live, so it’s not a foregone conclusion that only gyms can be fortresses. Regardless, I’m excited to get down there to see my options!

      • Cool! I admit, I only played for about two weeks when the game first launched, and it was way too complicated for me to follow. At least around my house, all Pokestops were greenhouses and inns and all gyms were fortresses — good to hear that they may have expanded some things to make the games different from each other!

        Now, we need someone with an Ingress account to keep adding a few more spots for both games in Galaxy’s Edge so that it can become a major community day hub for both games! 😉

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