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As many of you know, the website, blog, and Lines app experienced technical difficulties on the morning of Saturday, September 5. Although we have resolved the issues on our end, due to temporary workarounds that we put in place, any device that accessed our website or Lines app between approximately 6:00 AM and noon EDT on Saturday may still have problems accessing our products.

We sincerely regret this and apologize for any difficulties we have caused. Fortunately, resolving the current problems is fairly straightforward, but we cannot fix it on our end: we need customers who are experiencing problems to take action.

Lines App Problems

If the Lines mobile app does not work (for example, it redirects to a browser, where you get an error), delete the Lines app and then reinstall it from the App Store or Google Play.

Website Problems

  • If the website (either or does not work (e.g., you get an error about too many redirects), clear your browser’s cache and remove any site preferences for It is also possible that visiting (with the question mark at the end) will force your browser to recognize our current settings and behave as desired, so we recommend trying that, too.
  • You can try “privacy mode” of your web browser, or try a web browser that you do not normally use. The site should work fine on any browser that you did not use on Saturday morning.
  • You can access website content via and app content via Note that if you try to purchase a subscription through these pages, you will get a scary message about our SSL certificate. You can disregard that, or you can use a different browser (see the bullet point above) to make your purchase.

If none of this helps, please contact us and let us know what browser you are using, your operating system, and details about what you’re doing and the error messages you are seeing.

On a separate but related note, we apologize for ineffective communications about our problems on Saturday morning. Generally speaking, we use our Twitter account (@TouringPlans, which is accessible via any web browser at to broadcast messages when we experience outages like this, but it took us several hours to do that on Saturday. We will do better in the future.

We appreciate your patience as we recover from last weekend’s challenges, and – on behalf of the entire staff – I thank you for letting us help you enjoy your Disney and Universal vacations!


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One thought on “ Site and Lines App Problems and Resolutions

  • I had been using the app all week, and had no problems until Saturday. We were at the Animal Kingdom, our last park on our week-long first-time trip.
    In the afternoon, I found that on Android, instead of completely uninstalling the app, clearing the cache and local data for the app fixed issue as well, but I did have to re-login.


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