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Getting to Know Universal – Coca-Cola Freestyle Cups & Machines

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In the beginning, there was one flavor: Coke. And it came in bottles. Glass bottles. Then came towering black slabs dotting the landscape, calling us to them, towards enlightenment. Or refills of Coca-Cola, either or. Today we look at Universal Orlando’s Coke Freestyle machines and souvenir refillable cups. We’ll talk about how they work, how much refillable cups are priced, how to find secret menus, and more! Grab a refill of that orange vanilla Coke and let’s go!

What is Coke Freestyle?

Coca-Cola Freestyle Machines (Coke Freestyle for short) are self-serve soft drink stations that allow guests to customize their drinks. Guests use a touch screen to choose from dozens of syrups and flavoring combinations to customize their drinks – from chocolate cherry Coke Zero to vanilla mellon Fanta plus all the classics.

While identical to Freestyle machines at Wendy’s, Universal’s Freestyle machines use RFID technology to disperse drinks into single-serving or refillable cups so no soda fountain hijinks for you.

What is a Coca-Cola Freestyle Souvenir Cup?

Coke Freestyle Souvenir Cup

Coca-Cola Freestyle Souvenir Cups are plastic, refillable cups used at Freestyle machines. New cups with a full day of refills are $18.99 per person and recharges of the same cup to add on another day of use are $11.99 per cup per day. Universal will shave some dollars off the price if you purchase new cups in bulk – $16.99 per cup when you buy two and $14.99 per cup when you buy 3 or more.

How does it work? Each cup has an RFID chip on the bottom that verifies the cup refills are purchased for that day. When cups are placed on the stand in the Freestyle machine it unlocks and guests can refill their mug. After the refill, the cup is blocked out from refilling for another ten (10) minutes.

Where are Coke Freestyle Machines Located?

Coke Freestyle machines are found throughout the parks at select counter service and snack stands. Each land has at least one Freestyle machine in it except The Wizarding World of Harry Potter for thematic reasons (we think Mr. Weasley would be impressed by the Muggle ingenuity, though).

Universal Studios Florida

  1. Minion Cafe
  2. Mel’s Drive-In
  3. Louie’s Italian Restaurant
  4. Richter’s Burger Co.
  5. San Francisco Pastry Company (outside)
  6. Lagoon Lemonaid Cart near Diagon Alley (outside)
  7. ICEE at World Expo (outside)
  8. Roboasis
  9. KidZone Pizza Company (outside)

Islands of Adventure

  1. Port of Entry Lemon Slush (outside)
  2. Marvel Super Hero Island Cotton Candy (outside)
  3. Captain America Diner
  4. Comic Strip Cafe
  5. Beer Cart outside Thunderfalls Terrace (outside)
  6. The Burger Digs
  7. Pizza Predattoria (outside)
  8. The Watering Hole (outside)
  9. Oasis Coolers in Lost Continent (outside)
  10. Moose Juice Goose Juice (outside)
  11. Circus McGurkus Cafe Stoo-pendous

Volcano Bay

  1. Group Sales Area (outside park)
  2. Kohola Reef Restaurant & Social Club
  3. Whakawaiwai Eats
  4. Bambu

CityWalk has one Coke Freestyle machine set at the Coke Icon outside Vivo.

Where Can I Purchase a Coca-Cola Freestyle Souvenir Cup?

Purchase a new cup for $18.99 or recharge a Universal theme park cup for $11.99 at most counter service locations in the theme parks, excluding the Harry Potter dining locations.

Can I Use A Universal Hotel Cup at the Theme Parks?


Universal’s hotels sell a Coke Freestyle souvenir cup that functions the same as the theme park cups but they cannot be used in the parks. This includes buying a theme park day with a resort mug – it will not work. There are Universal theme park cups and there are Universal hotel cups, and the two cannot cross.

This Freestyle machine is technically at Walt Disney World, but you get the gist.

Can I Use a Coke Freestyle Machine Without a Freestyle Souvenir Cup?

Yes! Free water and ice are available from all Freestyle machines. Cold, filtered water from the machines is great for filling water bottles brought into the park.

I Am Having Issues With My Freestyle Cup, Who Can I Talk To?

Having issues with your cup? Take the receipt of the purchase of your cup (or refill) and souvenir cup to the cashier or Team Members at a counter service restaurant for help.

How Do I Access the Universal Coke Freestyle Secret Menu?

Universal will promote “secret” Freestyle flavors based on Universal attractions throughout the year. To access this menu, press the bank vault icon in the lower right corner of the main screen. A window will pop up, and draw a large U across the screen. From here choose your secret menu drink and enjoy.

Secret menu drinks are not always available, during the writing of this article Universal removed the 2023 list of exclusive flavors that debuted in December. If you do not see the vault on the home screen then the menu is locked up.

TouringPlans Tips

  • Official rules say Souvenir Cups are for one person at a time and sharing is not permitted, but this is rarely enforced. Use this information at your own risk.
  • Cups have a 10-minute cool-down period between refills, confirm your selected drink option.
  • Souvenir Cups must be emptied before being placed in a locker. There are sinks and liquid trash bins in the lockers for disposal and a quick rinse.
  • Save your receipt – it’ll come in handy if you run into issues.

Love Coke Freestyle or do you just use it for free water? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • I am seeing “Day-Of Only” but I can’t seem to find out if this means till midnight of that day, 2am (or whatever time) of the following day when City Walk closes, or if it’s 24 hours. Does anyone know?

  • Can you bring the cups into restaurants?

    • If you are on property they do not seem to care if you bring your cups in at the various restaurants.


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