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Universal Studios Florida Fish Mongers Acrobatic Street Show Opens

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Following the Halloween season, Universal Studios Florida premiered four new street shows intended to entertain crowds in the absence of the recently closed Disaster and Twister attractions. It looks like Universal’s entertainment team wasn’t done yet, because you can add a fifth title to that list of new productions. Staged in San Francisco near the Chez Alcatraz bar, the new Fish Mongers acrobatic street show is so fresh that it isn’t yet listed in park map, but we were there during its debut week to bring you this front-row view of a full performance:


The Fish Mongers show uses a seafood market-style booth as a stage for a series of athletic routines, mostly involving bouncing on trampolines and swinging from poles to a loud pop music soundtrack for no apparent reason. Note: said pop music seems to have caused our YouTube video to be muted, thanks to copyright restrictions. Feel free to blast “Happy” at full volume to simulate the actual soundtrack.

There’s much flinging of fish-shaped props and even fishier puns, but not much in the way of character or conflict. The location where the Fish Mongers perform is one of the narrowest choke points in the park; try not to get too crabby if you get caught in a crowd trying to pass through. The show probably isn’t worth seeking out, but if you happen to be in the area when it’s starting, you might as well watch for the halibut.


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