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Voices of Liberty

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There are several groups who perform throughout Walt Disney World, and many of them can be found around World Showcase in Epcot. They provide a glimpse into the customs and artistry of these countries without needing a passport. Although there are so World Showcase performers to pick from, it is easy for me to say which is my favorite; without a doubt it’s the Voices of Liberty. These talented a cappella singers perform before the American Adventure show begins in the building’s rotunda, providing perfect acoustics. They dress in colonial costumes and thrill visitors several times every afternoon.

So why do I love this group so much? Those who know me know that I’m not only a Disney dork, but an American history dork as well. The old time Americana and patriotic songs they sing give me the warm and fuzzies and they have brought a tear to my eye on more than one occasion. The American Adventure is one of my favorite attractions in Epcot, and the Voices of Liberty only enhance my affection. Additionally, the talent pool is simply incredible. As someone who can’t carry a tune to save my life, I am in awe of their raw talent. And hey anyone who has sung for five sitting American presidents can sing for me any time. They are definitely something I make to see on every trip.

The Voices of Liberty have been singing at the American Adventure since Epcot’s opening in 1982 and hopefully they’ll continue well into the future. They are truly one of Disney World’s hidden gems. Be sure to pick up a Times Guide when you enter the park for the day for show times.

Next time I’ll share some very exciting news!

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