What To Do If You Get Sick at Walt Disney World

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Getting sick at Walt Disney World feels down right out of character for the most magical place on earth!  Yet, we all know that day in and day out, hoards of guests find themselves feeling “under the weather” and in need of some medical attention. If you’re planning an upcoming trip, this article just may be worth saving! And if you’re already at Walt Disney World and feeling a bit out of sorts, allow this to serve as your guide! Because a little bit of research, the right assistance, and an extra dose of pixie dust can have you back on your feet in no time!

First Aid

The park first aid centers can help with some issues.

While your first instinct may be to push through a nagging headache or a bit of stomach distress, it is always best to play it safe and seek the opinion of a professional! Thankfully, each park has its own First Aid Station with an on-duty nurse. If necessary, they can provide a single dose of the appropriate over-the-counter medication.

You can find a First Aid Station at the following locations below:

Magic Kingdom Park – Located near Crystal Palace and Casey’s Corner.

EPCOT – Located between Test Track and the Mexico Pavilion.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios – Located by the Main Entrance by Guest Services.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park – Located in Discovery Island by Creature Comforts.

Typhoon Lagoon – Located by Leaning Palms.

Blizzard Beach – Located by Lottawatta Lodge.

Additional First Aid Services

In addition to treating your immediate needs, should you have any medications that require refrigeration, you are allowed to store them at the first aid location at the park you are visiting.

If you requite a private space for any treatments, First Aid can provide you temporarily with a secluded room. Special containers can also be provided for disposal of hypodermic needles.

Gift Shops

Should you require an additional dose or two of medication, you can find mid-size packs at the Gift Shops. The Gift Shops found inside the Walt Disney World parks and resorts carry everything from pain relievers, cold medicine, allergy relief, and stomach relief. However, it is worth noting that you will be unlikely to find a large quantity option and you may need to purchase multiple packs to get you through your stay. So, you may be better off carrying a few standard medications with you.


If you are staying on Walt Disney World property and feel unwell enough to merit a house-call, don’t hesitate to use the in-room service to reach an on-call Doctor.

What Is An On-Call Doctor?

An on-call Doctor is a licensed physician that comes directly to your Walt Disney World resort room and investigates your illness. In addition, they have the ability and authority to call in prescriptions and have them delivered directly to the resort.

You can reach Doctors on Call at 407-399-DOCS.

Additional “Off-Property” Assistance

Walt Disney World Resorts have some of the most incredible Front Desk Cast Members in the entire world. So, don’t be afraid to pay them a quick visit should you wish to seek the additional “off-property” assistance, such as the nearest Urgent Care. A Front Desk Cast Member will happily supply you with the name, location, and directions to the nearest pharmacy.

If you have the luxury of time, we strongly suggest you double-check with your insurance provider before visiting one these facilities to see which one will cover your visit.

Urgent Care

If you wish to visit the local Urgent Care, you’ll be happy to find that there are several located in close proximity to Walt Disney World!

According to Yelp, here are a few of the most highly recommended Urgent Cares near Walt Disney World:

Buena Vista Urgent Care

Address: 8200 World Center Dr Orlando, FL 32821

Call: (407) 440-1893

Hours: 8AM – 8PM


AdventHealth Centra Care Lake Buena Vista

Address: 12500 South Apopka Vineland Rd Orlando, FL 32836

Call: (407) 934-2273

Hours: 8AM – 12AM (Next Day)


AdventHealth Centra Care Orange Lake

Address: 8201 W. Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway Kissimmee, FL 34747

Call (407) 465-0846

Hours: 8AM – 8PM

Prescription Service

If there is a prescription drug that you require, Turner Drugs Tourist Prescription Services is a unique option that you may want to consider, depending upon your needs and timeline.

What is Turner Drugs Tourist Prescription Service?

Unlike like the limited over-the-counter medications found at the Gift Shops at Walt Disney World, Turner Drugs Tourist Prescription Service is a full pharmacy and retail store that provides same-day delivery medications directly to your resort.

How Do You Pay for Turner Drugs Tourist Prescription Service Cost?

The Turner Drugs Tourist Prescription Service requires cash or credit card to purchase. Turner Drugs does not work with any insurance plans, therefore prices may be at a premium. However, if medications are covered by your insurance companies, the company will provide you with the proper paperwork for a reimbursement.

What Additional Services does Turner Drugs offer?

While this may not fall into the category of illness, you will be happy to learn that Turner Drugs also has a full stock of sunscreen, baby formula, toothbrushes, and more!

You can reach Turner Drugs at 407-828-8125. 



While most common illnesses can be remedied by the suggestions found above, if you believe you are suffering from a medical emergency, call 911!


Can’t make your Advanced Dining Reservation? Be sure to give them a quick call and explain your situation. Please note that a cancelation fee may apply. However, when it comes to an illness, as long as you call in advance, the fee will most likely be waved.

Guests under the age of 18 must have parent or guardian permission to call.

You can reach them at (407) 934-7639.

Get Well Soon!

Naturally, it goes without saying that a serious illness requires the utmost care and medical attention. However, should you simply be run down with the common cold or a temporary stomach bug, there is a lot than can quickly be done to help!

  1. Don’t Ignore Warning Signs
  2. Seek Medical Attention
  3. Rest for Recovery

Keep Your Trip Magical (Sick or Not)

We know sitting in your hotel room under the covers may not have been how you pictured your trip to Walt Disney World. But one day of rest may be all you need. Not to mention, there is still fun to be had while you’re on the mend.

  1. Buy a Walt Disney World Board Game and Play!
  2. Take Advantage of Room Service!
  3. If you are staying on property and feeling up to it, seek out where you can spot the fireworks from your resort!
  4. Don’t forget your in-room TV for Mickey cartoons!


Tips for Staying Well

Ideally, none of the above is necessary on your next trip to Walt Disney World. However, there are a few key ways to stay well and feel your best to avoid any scares!

  1. Stay Hydrated – A lot of the issues guests suffer from at Walt Disney World can be avoided just by chugging a little extra H20 to help combat that mid-day Florida sunshine!
  2. Eat – Don’t skip meals at Walt Disney World. This is a fast-paced vacation with a lot of physicality. So, fuel up!
  3. Sleep – Who has time to sleep between Rope Drops and late-night adventures at Disney Springs? You do! Sleep is essential for all forms of well-being. Make sure you’re getting a full night of rest if you plan to rally!


And there you have it, our FAQ If You Get Sick at WDW! Do have any additional advice or tips you would like to provide? Feel free to leave them in our comments below!



Ted Wioncek III is a Walt Disney World Annual Passholdin’-D23 lovin’-DVC card carryin’-Theme Park Journalist, whose work has garnered him a reputation as a “master in storytelling.” He specializes in theatrical review, food critique, travel planning, and double-blind Dole Whip taste testing. Ted lives in sunny Florida with his beautiful wife, Kimberly, and their adorable rescue beagle, affectionately named, Professor Indiana Bones. You can contact him at TheRealTraderTed@gmail.com. You can also enjoy his tips for visiting the parks at his YouTube channel, The Disney Passport.

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