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Where Can You Taste Coca-Cola Products from Around the World?

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It’s been a while since the closure of Club Cool at EPCOT, and many of us are still mourning the loss. The good news is that some of the international Coca-Cola products, including the drink everyone loves to hate – Beverly –  are still available to sample on Disney property. The bad news is you have to pay for those samples. Our team made the climb up to the rooftop bar at the Coca-Cola Store at Disney Springs to give the Around the World flight a try.

The rooftop bar at the Coca-Cola Store is a special venue. The views are pretty awesome, but it is a little difficult to get there. The ramp leading to the top wraps around the entire building and you have to go three stories up. The elevator is an option, but even before social distancing procedures it took a while due to multiple stops and multiple parties.


Inside the Coca-Cola Store at Disney Springs. A concrete ramp inside a building has a brick wall on one side and a wall with a graphic of a soft drink with ice on the other side.
Ramp to the Coca-Cola Store Rooftop Bar
A sign out front of the Coca-Cola Store at Disney Springs indicates the Store Hours of 10 am - 10pm daily, and advertises the rooftop bar on the third floor.
Signage at Disney Springs for Coca-Cola Store Rooftop Bar
The Coca-Cola Store at Disney Springs stands at the right with Planet Hollywood straight in front, with blue skies and white clouds and moderate crowds of people on the walkway
Coca-Cola Store at Disney Springs

Once you’ve finally made it up there, you’ll be rewarded with lovely views. There is usually a line to order from the bar so before you get captivated by the views, get in line to get your order. The menu at the Coca-Cola Store includes fountain soft drinks, floats made with standard Coca-Cola products and a few specialty flavors too, cocktails made with Coca-Cola products, mocktails, and a few snacks. You can even order a flight like we did. We went for the big Around the World flight which included 16 different products from around the world.

At the rooftop bar of the Coca-Cola Store at Disney Springs. Two trays one stacked on top of the other have 8 clear cups on each tray with various coca-cola beverages from around the world. Some are brightly colored. With a view of Disney Springs below.
Around the World Coca-Cola Flight – With a View
Around the World Coca-Cola Flight
Around the World Coca-Cola Flight
Around the World Coca-Cola Flight – Info Card

The flavors and colors ran the spectrum, across two trays. Selections included the infamous bitter Beverly from Italy, an apple and pear drink from Germany, Kist Strawberry from Panama, Aquarius Libre from Spain, Smart Sour Plum from China, and 11 other beverages. For $20.00 it works out to $1.25 per sample-size cup. Each pour was about 3-4 oz. but some were a little smaller. Boy do we miss the free stuff at Club Cool.

Fountain Beverages include Beverly at Coca-Cola Store

If you’re celebrating a special occasion and want to do something different, this is a fun treat. Or if you have preteens or teenagers along and you want them to have a special experience, this would be a fun choice – just be sure to bust out the phone to record their reactions to the different flavors. Overall it is not the best value, you’re paying more for the experience than for the soda, but it is something to consider if you want a fun experiment.

Have you been to the Coca-Cola Store at Disney Springs? Would you try this flight?

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