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Where to Rent Strollers at Disneyland

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Visitors to Disneyland and Disney California Adventure walk several miles a day while they tour the parks and wait in lines. That’s a lot of miles, especially for kids under 7. Strollers are obviously a necessity for most families, but what if it’s impractical to bring one on your vacation? Thankfully Disney has on-site stroller rental located just outside of Disneyland’s main gate.

Strollers can be rented for $18 per day for a single, $36 per day for a double. The rental cost covers the entire day and is good at both parks and Downtown Disney. If you rent a stroller and later decide to go back to your hotel for lunch, a swim, or a nap, turn in your stroller but keep your rental receipt. When you return to Disneyland Resort later in the day, present your receipt and you will be issued another stroller at no additional charge.

The rental procedure is fast and efficient, and a central stroller rental facility is in the Esplanade between Disneyland and DCA, to the right of the Disneyland Park entrance. Likewise, returning the stroller is a breeze. Even in the evening, when several hundred strollers are turned in following the fireworks or water show, there is no wait or hassle.

The strollers come with sun canopies and small cargo compartments under the seat. For infants and toddlers, strollers are a must, and we recommend a small pillow or blanket to help make the stroller more comfortable for your child during what may be long periods in the seat. We have also observed many sharp parents renting strollers for somewhat older children. Strollers prevent parents from having to carry children when they run out of steam and provide an easy, convenient way to carry water, snacks, diaper bags, and the like. When you enter a show or board a ride, you will have to park your stroller, usually in an open, unprotected area. If it rains before you return, you’ll need a cloth, towel, or spare diaper to dry off the stroller.

Bringing Your Own Stroller

You are allowed to bring your own stroller to the theme parks, provided it is no larger than 31 inches wide by 52 inches long, and is not a wagon or stroller wagon (such as a Keenz 7s). However, only collapsible strollers are allowed on the monorail and Toy Story parking lot buses. Your stroller is unlikely to be stolen, but mark it with your name. We strongly recommend bringing your own stroller. In addition to the parks, there is the walk from and to your hotel, the parking lot bus, or the bus/hotel shuttle boarding area, not to mention many other occasions at your hotel or during shopping when you will be happy to have a stroller handy. If you do not want to bring your own stroller, you may consider buying one of the umbrella-style collapsible strollers. The on-site hotel gift shops sell them for less than $50. You may even consider ordering online and shipping it right to your hotel, or consider renting a stroller from a third party. Make sure you leave enough time between your order and arrival dates.

Other Disneyland Resort Stroller Tidbits

Sometimes strollers disappear while you are enjoying a ride or a show. Do not be alarmed. You won’t have to buy the missing stroller, and you will be issued a new stroller for your continued use. Lost strollers can be replaced at the main rental facility near the park entrances. While replacing a ripped-off stroller is not a big deal, it is an inconvenience.

We have developed several techniques for hanging on to your rented stroller:

1. Write your name in permanent marker on a 6-by-9-inch card, put the card in a transparent freezer bag, and secure the bag to the handle of the stroller with masking or duct tape.

2. Affix something personal (but expendable) to the handle of the stroller. Evidently most strollers are pirated by mistake (because they all look the same) or because it’s easier to swipe someone else’s stroller (when yours
disappears) than to troop off to the replacement center. Because most stroller theft is a function of confusion, laziness, or revenge, the average pram-pincher will balk at hauling off a stroller bearing another person’s property. After trying several items, we concluded that a bright, inexpensive scarf or bandanna tied to the handle works well, and a sock partially stuffed with rags or paper works even better (the weirder and more personal the object, the greater the deterrent).

Disney cast members often rearrange strollers parked outside an attraction. Sometimes this is done simply to tidy up. At other times the strollers are moved to make additional room along a walkway. In any event, do not assume that your stroller is stolen because it is missing from the exact place you left it. Check around. Chances are that it will be neatly arranged just a few feet away.

Do you have any stroller tips for visiting Disneyland Resort? Let us know in the comments.

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