Epcot’s Central Tip Board Being Replaced: Closed Through September 23, 2011

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The central tip board in Epcot is in the process of being replaced. Walls have gone up around the backside of Pin Central (where the tip board resides) and will remain there tentatively until September 23, 2011, when a new high-definition second-coming of the central tip board will be revealed. All hail the tip board. Thanks to @BellHopDave on Twitter we’ve got a photo of the walled-off tip board:

Oo, aah. We remember fondly back in 2007 when Epcot pioneered a bold new future for tip boards and wait time information by adding the East and West tip boards to the park. Hopefully the new central tip board with its advanced wait time technology will be a fitting replacement to the beloved and long-standing pillar of our electronic age.

So what do you do if you’re in central Epcot (not Epcot East or West) and you need to know the wait time for Test Track? Well, you could walk over to one of the two other operational tip boards in the park, but we here at TouringPlans.com like to think we’ve got a better solution: The Lines App. It’s portable, it’s convenient, it works on your existing smartphone, and by golly it’s a lot less expensive than buying a new Epcot central tip board of your own.

Ok, it’s probably not less expensive than walking to Epcot’s East or West tip board if you’re already in the park… but it’s a wonderful option to get wait times for the parks during your vacation. Not only can it tell you the wait times for the park your in, but the ones you’re not in as well! Unless you’ve got access to a spy satellite that can zoom-in on the East or West Epcot tip boards (You don’t, do you? We could really use that if you do…) it truly is your next best option during this tumultuous time of central tip board renovation.

Together with the advances in science and  prosperity of modern technological marvels we’ll make it through this trying period in Epcot’s history – or be forced to walk an additional 200-300 yards. Your choice, no pressure – but we prefer our way. Buy the app.

R. A. Pedersen

R. A. Pedersen is the author of The Epcot Explorers Encyclopedia and runs the Epcyclopedia.com blog. He has been a research contributor to the TouringPlans.com Blog since 2006 and functions as sort of an all-around news desk and project-tracker.

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