Pictures From Space Shuttle Endeavour’s Flight Over Disneyland

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Today the Space Shuttle Endeavour flew over Disneyland before landing at LAX airport in Los Angeles. The trip over Disneyland was one of the Endeavour’s final areas to see the shuttle during its three-day flight across the country.

Signs near the Disneyland turnstiles warn guests of the “Spaceship Endeavor”

I arrived at the park around 10:30 and took my spot on the second level of Innoventions. Thousands of people also gathered at various places around the Disneyland Resort including the top level of the parking garage, the esplanade,  Disneyland’s hub.

An announcement played over Disneyland’s in-park speakers informing guests the shuttle would arrive soon. Finally, at 12:27 PM the Space Shuttle Endeavour could be seen from Innoventions.

The Space Shuttle and its military jet planes slowly made their way from the west to the east side of the park.

Cheers and applause could be heard from everyone watching. It was pretty amazing. Disney has posted a video of the fly over on its official YouTube page.


Guy Selga Jr.

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3 thoughts on “Pictures From Space Shuttle Endeavour’s Flight Over Disneyland

  • September 23, 2012 at 5:36 pm

    That would have been a sight to see. Nice that they “warned” people about it with signage.

  • September 24, 2012 at 5:03 pm

    There were literally thousands of folks out on Ball Road (immediately north of the park) and Harbor Blvd. Me among them. It was an exciting moment.

    NASA also posted a nice photo from the escort plane, looking down into the park. You can find it on the NASA Flicker area.

    I also liked the official Disney video clip – the music made a nice touch.

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