New Snack Stands in Storybook Circus

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In addition to the snacks you’ll be able to purchase at Big Top Souvenirs, guests will also be able to get a few items at some special stands that are found in Storybook Circus at the Magic Kingdom.  There are two stands, with one serving up hot dogs and the other serving pretzels. The new carts can be found in front of Pete’s Silly Sideshow meet and greet location.


Condiment area for the hot dogs:


There are quite a few seats for guests that are found in the circular area the carts are located in, with additional seating nearby.


This new area is a great place to grab a quick nosh or maybe to snack on something while waiting out a FASTPASS you’ve obtained for Dumbo or The Barnstormer.

Rikki Niblett

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