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5 Essential Tips for Dealing with the Rain at Disneyland

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Rainy  Disneyland 1
Rainfall at Disneyland. Copyright- Disney


Southern California is a vacation paradise. Your average temperature–year round– is mid to high 70s and clear skies. It is the perfect location for a Disneyland Resort vacation. Unfortunately the only real obstacle you cannot prepare for–when you go on vacation–is the weather. You can gauge what the weather will be like in any particular month but you will not truly know until the week before we leave for your vacation.

Even though it hardly rains in Southern California there are still rainy seasons. The rainy season starts in October and ends in April. But I know most of you are not going to completely avoid those rainy season months just because of some rain. So, what is your plan of attack when you are on your vacation and it is raining at the Disneyland Resort? Below I have put together 5 essential tips for dealing with the rain when you are at the Disneyland Resort.If you are interested in tips on how to deal with the rain at Disney World, our other writer Daisy has an excellent article on that particular topic.

Rainfall in Anaheim
Average rainfall in Anaheim, CA throughout the year. Graph from weather.com

1) Bring a windbreaker (hooded) and a light sweater

Even though Southern California can be really warm during the summer, the fall and winter can be a little chilly. When it does rain it will be windy and cold so you want to protect yourself from the elements. The perfect combination for your protection is to wear and windbreaker and a light sweater underneath. One will protect you from the rain and wind, the other will keep you warm. If it stops raining–and turns into a beautiful sunny day–then those two items will be easy to put away in a backpack or a locker.

2) Take a break from the rain under shelter

Since it does not rain much in Southern California, many lines and attractions will not protect you from the elements. So to dry off and get warmed up, take a break in a sheltered areas. My favorite place to get out of the nasty weather is to experience a long attraction: Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion,  Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln, It’s a Small World, Enchanted Tiki Room, or Innoventions are great examples of attractions to experience at Disneyland when the weather is unfriendly.

3) Ask for a free cup of warm water

One of the best ways to make yourself feeling comfy in the chilly rain is by ordering a free cup of warm water from Disney restaurants throughout the park (the Market House on Main Street U.S.A.  is my favorite place to go to get this). What I love to do is bring a couple of tea bags with me and steep them in my free cup of hot water. Oila! Free cup of hot tea. Even if you do not drink tea is feels nice to just hold a cup of warm water in your hands.

4) Be patient and understanding

If it is raining a lot–and throughout the entry day– some attractions and shows will be closed. To know which attractions and shows are cancelled/closed, make sure to ask a Disney Cast Member.

Rainy Disneyland 2
Visiting Disneyland–in the rain–can be the b\est time to visit the park. Copyright- Disney\

5) Have fun!

Even though the rain is a deterrent for most people, I for one love it. It is one of my favorite times to go to Disneyland because the park is not nearly as busy. Southern Californians believe that when it rains, they should stay home. Which leaves Disneyland and Disney California Adventure to the tourist. You will most likely be able to do everything on your list plus more that day. Take advantage of it and have fun!

Never let unexpected or “bad” weather dictate whether or not you should go on vacation (unless it is weather that is very dangerous). The best thing about Southern California rain is that it does not stay long. It might be there for a day or so but then the next day it will be gone and you will be able to enjoy the beautiful, sunny weather that vacationers t to expect. Whatever you do, do not let the weather control your vacation mood. Even though you are not able to control the weather, you are able to control the emotions and your experience. So be prepared, make the most of it, and enjoy.


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Growing up Southern California, it was hard for Ray not want to go to Disneyland everyday. He was a passholder for over 10 years until he left to teach English in Korea and now lives in Seattle. Even though he lives in the Pacific Northwest, he always has Disney on the mind. Ray is channeling his Disney passion to write for TouringPlans.

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