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A Pirate’s Adventure: Treasure Of The Seven Seas Play Test

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083This morning at Magic Kingdom we caught a play test of the new interactive Adventureland game A Pirate’s Adventure: Treasure of the Seven Seas. The game is similar to Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure and features interactive areas with physical props and narrations that lead guests through a quest to find lost treasure.

Guests begin their journey at an old Cartography Shop (formerly the Crow’s Nest store) near Golden Oak Outpost that has been converted into a central hub for adventurers to help locate missing treasure. Groups of up to 6 people are given a Talisman (a RFID card) that will help them on their journey. Guests use the talisman to activate a screen that will assign them one of 5 different missions. The missions are titled: Guardian’s Curse, Blackbeard, Heads You Lose, Haven Defense, and The King’s Ransom. The group is then given a map and sent off to find their first location.

087Once at the location one member of the party touches the talisman to the symbol at the station, and the animation begins. Each adventure has 4-5 stops along the way in a search for missing treasure. Each stop only contains 30-45 seconds of activity (see 2 spoiler filled example videos below) that requires no action on the part of the guests. You just watch what happens, listen to the narration, and then head off to the next location you are given.

We tried 2 different adventures today (the only 2 that were testing): Guardian’s Curse and The King’s Ransom. Both story lines were similar…Treasure is missing, you check several locations where there is no treasure, each location gives you a clue to the next spot to look, finally you find the treasure.

While some of the effects were awesome, I couldn’t help but wish there were more to it. I hoped instead of just telling you the next location there would be a puzzle to figure out, or at the very least some kind of visual clue like at Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure. The game didn’t feel interactive at all. It just felt like we were going through motions, and I wasn’t invested in the story at all.

086Although the game is targeted at 8-10 year olds, I believe even kids will find the game too simple. None of the kids we saw playing today were very enthused, and none of the dozen or so I asked were interested in going back to get another mission to complete. Luckily, Imagineers were at the end of each section to ask for feedback and seemed to take our comments seriously. They reminded us that this is just a test and that there will be changes. Ideally, I would like to see more interactivity and see it tailored to different age ranges. It would be wonderful to have a tougher experience for older kids and adults.

Currently there is no official opening date announced for the attraction, and testing is expected to continue in short bursts for the next couple of weeks at least.

What are your thoughts on this new game? Are you excited? Will you play?


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11 thoughts on “A Pirate’s Adventure: Treasure Of The Seven Seas Play Test

  • Sorry but I disagree with the author’s assessment of this interactive adventure. I have played it numerous times (I’m a 20 year game veteran). The adventure for what it is, or it’s limitations being in an amusement park setting is well paced, fun and incredibly technical. There are 5-6 treasure maps to play (I’ve played all) and found it was an immense wealth of activity. Just firing the cannon and ringing the bell across the courtyard shows how much thought went into this adventure.
    Pirates Adventure is truly a hidden gem in the Magic Kingdom and far more enjoyable then the Sorcerer’s game or Agent P which are boring and not nearly as complex technically.

  • we played and found it to be a lot of fun and I believe our grandsons will love it. hopefully it will be up and running when we return with them in November.
    the thing will be if guests want to take the time out of there day to do it.

  • We’ll be at Magic Kingdom next Monday (May 6th) and hope to test it out. My kids loved Agent P’s showcase adventure last year, hopefully this will be just as engaging.

  • My son and daughter were able to participate in the playtest as well, and I completely disagree with your assessment. I felt that it was perfect! My kids loved being a pirate and discovering all of the surprises at each stop. The map was really cool and a great, free souvenir!

    We aren’t regular visitors to the Magic Kingdom and aren’t very familiar with Adventure Land, so we found it fun to locate the various locations on the map and enjoyed the treasure hunt feel of the experience. My kids loved it and wanted to play again even after the second mission. We’re hoping there are more missions available during the rest of our trip.

    • I’m so happy they enjoyed it! I really hope that people enjoy the attraction, and I agree that the maps make fun souvenirs.

  • We’ll try it for sure on our next trip in July but Sorcerers of the MK seems much more interactive and we really enjoyed it so hopefully they’ll improve this one based on your and other’s feedback. We love the Pirates movies so the maps look cool, even if just to collect or frame. Thanks for sharing on Twitter and here!


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