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Indiana Jones Adventure Game Now in Play Disney Parks App

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Back in 1995, when Indiana Jones Adventure first opened up at Disneyland, Guests entering the queue for the attraction would receive a decoder card that allowed them to translate the hieroglyphics that could be found throughout the attractions’ line as Guests waited to board their ride vehicle. Unfortunately, this decoder card went away many years ago, however, now, thanks to technology, the ability to decode these graphics is now possible once again thanks to the Play Disney Parks app.

The Play Disney Parks app, which was created to allow guests to interact with unique games throughout the park, will take this adventure to the next level with the latest in-queue experience called “Indiana Jones Adventure – The Gifts of Mara.” As guests explore this game within the app, they will be able to once again decode the ancient glyphs, along with some new symbols and codes that have been added throughout the queue, to piece together the legends of Mara. Each translated code will reveal a single portion of a map. Guests can complete the maps to receive digital achievements, and finish a set in order to piece together a special message from Mara herself.

“Indiana Jones Adventure – the Gifts of Mara” is the latest in-queue experience to be added to the Play Disney Parks app, which brings unique in-park experiences and family-friendly activities to life at the Disneyland Resort, as well as at Walt Disney World Resort. On the app, Guests can participate in Disney trivia, earning unique digital achievements and more. You can download the Play Disney Parks app from the App Store or Google Play to be able to play this and other games.

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