Trip Planning 101: After Your Trip

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So listen up, people. You love Disney World, right?
You want us to help you have the best possible experience, correct?

So do us a favor – do our reader survey after you visit. Why, you may ask, when I have a resort collection to design and several economic summits to attend? Because, fair readers, without you, we can’t give you the advice you need to have a successful (read: fantastic) trip.

Here’s how it works: we ask you about your experiences with hotels, food and attractions — pretty much your whole experience there. Once you tell us what you think, we can attach demographics so we can better guide you. For instance, if 90 percent of adults surveyed love the Carousel of Progress, that helps us figure out how to fit it into a touring plan and when it will be most crowded. Likewise, if 2 percent of those surveyed say that Stitch’s Great Escape was less fun than a burning hot poker in the eye, that also helps in the planning. We need to know the good, the bad, and the crowded. Which restaurant did you love, and which one left you cold? Be honest – tell us what you liked and what you didn’t, what worked and what could have worked better.

Do it right when you get back your memories are still fresh in your mind — it’s fun we promise!). And it will help make future trips fun, as well. But just so all you have to face when you return home isn’t a survey to fill out (though it’s fun! really!) and a suitcase full of dirty laundry, check out our blog (below) on how to make leaving Disney World easier, and also keep the following tips in mind:

Do something Disney-ish as soon after you return as you can: Watch a favorite Disney movie; use that Disney mug; break out the Disney snacks. We’re big advocates of saving a surprise until you get home, as mentioned in the blog; wait a few days until everyone is thinking that nothing nice will ever happen again; then pull out the t-shirts or necklaces that you secretly purchased. Maybe even sneak a small treat into your family’s luggage for them to find when they unpack.

Don’t put off certain things: Start your scrapbook project before all these bits and pieces of paper get lost; compile your photos; send those postcards. Make sure kids have a fun activity that will prolong the experience; have them finish an art project they started on the trip; or add photos to a journal. Or start an ambitious long-term Disney project: design a Disney-inspired outfit or costume; start a Disney cookbook; learn to draw the Disney characters.

If you’re thinking about making another trip to Disney World (and who isn’t!), start making notes as soon as you get back. That’s the time to write down the restaurants you loved; the ones you didn’t have time to try; the attractions you definitely you want to revisit; your favorite gift shop. Write down what worked and what didn’t, so next time, you’ll know that carrying snacks was a necessity but that 9 pm dinner reservations didn’t work so well for the under-10 set. Make your notes clear: I stared at a piece of paper for months that simply read: TT yes; sptc ab no. *

*Test Track, yes, Spinning Teacups, absolutely not again.
It took much detective work.

Some people will be happy to participate in your obsession with Toy Story Mania or the pizza at Captain Cook’s; other people will wish you would simply go away. This is a great time to find other Disneyites to share stories.

Oh, and fill out the survey!

Any thoughts? Let us know!

What were your favorite things?

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Evan Levy

Evan Levy likes baking cupcakes, hanging out with her family, and all things Disney.

2 thoughts on “Trip Planning 101: After Your Trip

  • November 7, 2011 at 5:49 pm

    I LOVE this! I remember in 2006 we went to Disneyland (as adults Me-22, Sister 19 and my mom) and throughout the WHOLE trip my sister was all oh give me that for the trip scrapbook. And we collected all sorts of interesting things for this “so called scrapbook” I’ve yet to see this scrapbook and it’s now 5 years later! I think my mom found all the stuff in a box and ended up throwing it away during one of our recent moves.

  • November 7, 2011 at 11:04 pm

    It’s not really Disney-related, but since the spa at Saratoga Springs (where I’m staying) will be closed while I’m there and a massage there is too far out of my budget anyway, I’ve already scheduled a massage for the day after I get home with my favorite (and not so expensive) masseuse. Plus, I’m sure I’ll have many Disney goodies to enjoy on the plane ride home and for the next few months after that. The better news is that since I’m a DL AP and live just 10 minutes away, I can cure my Disney sadness with a trip to the original park.


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