Crocs with Fanny Packs — Hot or Not for Your Disney Trip?

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Love them or hate them, both Crocs and fanny packs have been a staple for many Disney guests for years. Even though the style can be a bit cringe-worthy, Crocs are incredibly comfortable and work great for footwear during the rainy months in Florida. Fanny packs do a great job of making it so you have easy access to a wallet or cell phone without the hassle of carrying a full backpack or purse.

But do two “great” things really go great together? In Japan, Crocs and the apparel company Beams have teamed up to make…. Fanny Pack Crocs.

Currently, the product is only available for sale in Japan, but if they take off there, could they be coming to a park gift shop near you?

What do you think? Does the convenience outweigh the fashion faux pas? Let us know in the comments — Fanny Pack Crocs, hot or not?



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Julia Mascardo

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12 thoughts on “Crocs with Fanny Packs — Hot or Not for Your Disney Trip?

  • I think Crocs is going for a “get them talking” moment here rather than launching a well-thought-out product. The whole point of a fanny pack is convenience and it’s never convenient to reach down and get something out of a zipper pouch on your heel. I can see this being widely shared on social media but can’t really see it selling as anything other than a novelty. I also picture the material of the pack getting worn down quickly as people step on your heels, you walk in dirt and water, etc. Looking at the heels of any of my shoes doesn’t make me optimistic those little fabric pouches would hold up very long.

  • I must admit I have used both (not my proudest moment). We go in August and it down pours almost every afternoon. Since we walk so much we bring multiple pairs of shoes, and we need to make sure we aren’t walking around with wet shoes since that leads to blisters. Crocs are in my rotation. The fanny pack makes me look like a dork from the 80’s but they hold exactly what I need to carry and aren’t in the way (with the exception of a few rides with a lap bar).
    I don’t understand what this croc fanny pack would be, but I would be interested in seeing it.

    • We’re going in August for our first visit ever and I’ve been trying to figure out a footwear plan. With your rotation, do you start out with other shoes (running shoes?) and then switch to Crocs when it looks like your feet are about to get wet, either from weather or a ride? And does each person carry their own backup shoes in their own bag or is there a shared shoe bag? Obviously I can figure out what works for us by trial and error but I’m looking for what has worked for experienced August WDW visitors.

  • Can’t stick very many snacks in those tiny pockets.

  • I wore a fanny pack and crocs last trip, but I don’t see this combined version working out.

  • Nopety Nopety NOPE NOPE NOPE!

  • I rock my lululemon fanny pack without shame.

  • Those are so horrible that they might just work! I am an unapologetic fanny pack user (I prefer the more sophisticated sounding “waist pack”) but I save the Crocs for working in the yard. However, shoes with pockets could catch have possibilities. Just not sure what those are.

  • Two good things don’t necessarily make one great thing. For example: Ice cream is awesome. Pizza is awesome. Ice cream on pizza, not awesome.

  • That’s pretty much a non-starter… Not really interested in wearing crocs for the 10 miles we usually walk, but imagine what condition your little “pack” is going to be in after hanging out near your worn-out feet for 20,000 steps around WDW!

  • …I had to check the calendar…I thought it was April Fools Day…!

  • I had to check the date of this article to make sure it wasn’t April 1.

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