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Apple Pay to be Utilized at Walt Disney Parks and Resorts

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Did you happen to catch Apple’s announcements today? Whether you caught them live or relived the event through social media like I did, it seems like Apple is introducing a great line of new products. Now I know you’re asking….Rikki…what does this have to do with Disney? Well, I’m getting there.

You see, today Apple released information about a brand new payment system called “Apple Pay.” Apple Pay will allow people to use their phones to pay for things; payments take place with just a single touch, with no need to open an app. You’ll simply swipe your phone (which of course, has been linked with a credit card) and place your finger on the Touch ID sensor. Once you hear the beep, you’re good!

Again…where am I going with this?

Well, Apple let us know that Disney will be one of the companies that will accept this new form of payment. The system will begin its roll out in October, and guests who own an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus will be able to utilize this new technology at Walt Disney World, as well as at Disney Stores. This new app will be useful when paying for food and merchandise and should be fully available by Christmas.

For those who missed the announcement made this afternoon, you can find out more about Apple Pay and see what the excitement is all about.


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7 thoughts on “Apple Pay to be Utilized at Walt Disney Parks and Resorts

  • Does anyone know when they’ll adopt the Android/Google Wallet system in the parks? I’ve had this feature on my Android phone for a couple of years now and would love to be able to use it in the parks.

  • Magic Band “App” on the iWatch plz. 🙂

  • Actually, Apple Pay sounds exactly like the Magic Band. I think the new Apple Watch can also be used for Apple Pay. However, the Magic Band is water proof and a lot cheaper (free).

    • Agreed. I was thinking the same thing while watching the Apple video. An expensive watch on 1 wrist (plus the necessary iPhone) and a MagicBand on the other just so I can make purchases faster? I’m not seeing the benefit. My wallet’s already empty! :-/

  • I believe the announcement specifically said Disney Land, not Disney World. Did they have a follow up Disney World addition? It would great if you could use this AS your magic band!

    • actually, they did say “Walt Disney World.”

      • Then I stand corrected, thanks!!! I was reading a transcript that just said Disney Land. 🙂

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