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Ask It: A Stitch-y Question, What’s Best for Stitch in Tomorrowland?

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Last week, I spent the morning wandering around Magic Kingdom, and I noticed that not only was the location for Stitch’s Great Escape open as a meet and greet, but a somewhat permanent looking sign had been placed there, suggesting this was more than temporary. With Stitch’s Great Escape having already been given the death nod of “Seasonal Attraction”, I’m doubting that this attraction–which was not a favorite for most people–will be coming back. Still, it had me thinking if a Stitch meet and greet was all that much better for most guests. This week, we’re asking you about those two recent residents of that space:

Which do you think is a better use of the Stitch attraction space in Tomorrowland?

  • Stitch Meet and Greet (74%, 364 Votes)
  • Stitch's Great Escape (26%, 126 Votes)

Total Voters: 490

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Voting is live here and on Twitter, and we’ll have your results next week.

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14 thoughts on “Ask It: A Stitch-y Question, What’s Best for Stitch in Tomorrowland?

  • I think that a Stitch meet and greet is WAY better than Stitch’s Great Escape. I remember doing it a long time ago and I remember hating it because Stitch burps in your face and he basically annoys everyone. A Stitch meet and greet is better. Trust me.

  • Another vote for neither. How about a Wall-E ride, going back to that attraction’s history as Mission to Mars? Maybe a storyline where you’re guests on board the Axiom before its initial launch, they demonstrate its hyperspeed travel/return to Earth features, and along the way hijinks ensue?

  • Something (ANYTHING) else would be better than either of these two options… but if there’s nothing else to use it for, I guess a meet-and-greet is less objectionable than having it sit entirely unused (the upstairs area at Journey into Imagination…).

  • I really wish they would put something new and exciting into that area. though a meet and greet is better than the attraction, something different would be even better. I was hoping for an announcement that something new was coming for anniversary celebration in 2021

  • Neither. Something from Meet the Robinsons would be fun!

  • You’re missing the third and only option: NEITHER.

    Get Stitch out of Tomorrowland. The Great Escape attraction is awful, and although Stich is loved by many (including my kids), he has no place in Tomorrowland.

    I can’t even vote in this one…

  • If ever one of these Ask It polls needed an “Other” option…

  • Time to design something completely new for that space. Not a re-vamped Stitch/AE/meet-&-greet/etc. Surely there’s still somebody, somewhere at Disney that has enough imagination left to do this.

  • I might take the time to get my picture with Stitch. I would never go on Stitch’s Great Escape again. Bring back Alien Encounter or put something awesome in the space.

  • My family is in that small minority that loved Stitch’s Great Escape! We thought it was funny, silly, and startling without actually being scary. I’m sad to hear that it’s most likely gone for good.

    • My children feel the same way. They’re a little older now, but we always went on SGE. My son especially loved it. Nothing like a burp joke to amuse a little boy! We don’t bother with Meet and Greets. If we want to see characters, we book a dining experience.

    • I am with you no this and I must day my daughter who loves Stitch and waited to be tall enough to ride the attraction was totally devistated when we were there and it was not open. The only saving grace was that Stitch was signing autographs when we first got there that day. But She was still crying.

  • If it ain’t the Alien Encounter, then I don’t really care what they do with the space. A meet-and-greet seems like a waste of the space, but SGE was subpar, so *shrug*. I’ll regain interest if/when a new attraction goes in there.

  • Neither.

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