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Ask It Results: Do You Dress Up for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party?

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There’s a rumor that fall temperatures will be starting to sneak into the Central Florida area very soon. And, as a result, retailers have started bringing out all their Christmas decorations. But fear not, because we still have time left before Halloween gets here! And best of all, it will actually feel more comfortable for those who are spending the evening at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. With Halloween on the mind, last week we asked you:

Do You Dress Up for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party?

Here’s your results.

Yes (485 votes, 57%)

Not too many people go to Disney (or go more than once to Disney) unless they have some child-like joy inside of them. And what child doesn’t like a chance to play dress up? Halloween gives that great excuse to get back to that favorite childhood pastime. For one night, everyone is a kid–wearing costumes, going trick-or-treating. It’s the whole package that makes the night extra magical. And costumes don’t have to be all over the top. Many people said that “normal” plain-colored shirts, shorts, and pants along with special hats, headbands, or mouse ears allow for a costume experience without much hassle. Some of the most memorable costumes I’ve seen at Disney Halloween parties (both east and west coast) excel in creativity matched with simplicity and practicality. There aren’t too many other times when you get a chance to dress up, so why not make the most of it for this one night? Speaking of, make sure you read to the end to see some of TouringPlans writers in their costumes…

No (367 votes, 43%)

There are many reasons why adults mentioned that they don’t dress up for the party, but lack of desire was pretty far down the list. Mostly, it was a logistics and comfort issue. With Halloween parties starting as early as August, and knowing how brutal even August nights in Florida can be, wearing a big, heavy costume can be asking for more tricks than treats. The one year my husband and I did over-the-top costumes, it was late enough in the season that we were actually cold, but in recent years we’ve been going early in the season, so our costumes have taken heat and humidity as factors. For people coming from out of town, bringing a big costume can take up valuable suitcase space (and add weight, which could add baggage fees). But even those who don’t dress in a costume mentioned that they enjoy wearing a Halloween-themed t-shirt to get into the spirit of the season.

So there you have it–the results for this week’s Ask It. Feel free to share your best costume ideas in the comments, because there’s probably a lot of people who are looking for last-minute suggestions right about now!

Next week’s Ask It is live on Twitter and on the blog here. We’ll see you next week! In the meantime, enjoy some costumes from TouringPlans folks.

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