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Ask It: Pandora or Toy Story Land, Which Is Holding Its Hype?

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It’s that time of year when advertisers attempt to convince everyone that no matter how awesome an item you have is, your life will be greatly improved with the latest, greatest, shiniest option. It didn’t take a full year after the opening of Pandora before Disney advertising was working hard to convince guests that no matter how much you were excited about Pandora, that was soooo 2017. Toy Story Land was where it is at. And certainly come next year, for many people, pretty much everything will be old and tired compared to the new shiny that is Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

Now that Pandora has been open for around a year and a half, but Toy Story Land has been open for only a fraction of that, I was wondering which was still holding its hype best as the thing that you want to see (or see again). So this week, we’re asking:

Which Walt Disney World addition is best at keeping its hype as the new area that everyone must visit?

  • Pandora (85%, 474 Votes)
  • Toy Story Land (15%, 86 Votes)

Total Voters: 560

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Feel free to share your reasoning in the comments–what makes one better than the other, or at this point are they both old and tired compared to the hype train that is heading towards the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge?

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Julia Mascardo

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3 thoughts on “Ask It: Pandora or Toy Story Land, Which Is Holding Its Hype?

  • Neither. The rides are fine. The theming is good. But I have no need to go back to either – well, except to ride TSM!

  • I recently visited both lands. I found the rides at Toy Story land to be fine. The roller coaster was fun and the saucer ride was worth trying (but not worth trying if there’s a wait). My favorite ride of the land is the one that was already at the park (Midway Mania) and I thought the land itself was crowded, and not really very pretty or “immersive”. It looked like a basic amusement park. Pandora was beautiful every time we visited and I loved both of the rides. That land was hella “immersive”.

  • I’ve convinced a non-park-enthusiast friend to join us for an upcoming WDW trip. We couldn’t convince him to spend any time at the Studios, but AK is the only park he actually wants to go to, pretty much entirely because of Pandora.

    BTW, his lack of enthusiasm is well earned: apparently the last time he was in a park, he spent 2.5 hours in line for the Dr. Seuss Trolley at IoA. I’m hard at work planning a trip to show him what parks are like when done correctly, hopefully giving his Florida-raised and currently park-deprived wife some traction for more shared park time in the future.

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