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Ask It Results: Best Fireworks, NYE or July 4?

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On any given night, Disney fireworks light up the sky to oohs and aahs of everyone around. For certain holidays, like New Year’s Eve or the Fourth of July, those fireworks displays are sent into overdrive. The synchronization between music and pyrotechnics is its own kind of theater performance. But is one holiday display better than another? Last week, we asked you:

Which holiday has the best fireworks shows at Walt Disney World?

Here’s your results.

July 4 (111 votes, 43%)

Magic Kingdom 4th of July Fireworks

And the rockets’ red glare, the bombs bursting in air, gave proof through the night that it is Independence Day! It’s hard not to feel patriotic watching any of the Fourth of July fireworks displays at Walt Disney World. Filled with lots of red, white, and blue, it’s all about celebrating America by blowing up the skies over it. (Fun fact: Of all colors, blue is the hardest firework color to blend. You can tell the quality of fireworks used in a show based on how the vibrant the blue shells are.) The experience of waiting for fireworks in July can be challenging–some years it is brutally hot, which is certainly not fun if you’ve been camped in a crowded theme park all day. Other years, it can rain and the fireworks can be delayed. Still, it is worth the wait and far better than anything that your neighbors will be making with fireworks purchased for Crazy Joe’s firework bonanza.

New Year’s Eve (145 votes, 57%)

Remember back when you could count down to New Year’s Eve ever night at Pleasure Island? Ah, those were the days. But those parties have nothing on New Year’s Eve celebrations around Walt Disney World. Make sure your dental insurance is up to date–you may need to replace a filling or two knocked loose by the massive finales at each park. My favorite part of the fireworks show from Magic Kingdom is watching the shells launched that look like numbers in a countdown to help get from 10 to 1. Or maybe it’s watching the fireworks at Epcot where they are right on top of you. (The Studios is also on my list for a less-crowded experience.) At the end of the night, you can’t go wrong with any of them. One caveat is that it can be cold in Florida for New Year’s. And I’m talking honest-to-goodness cold and not Florida cold. The year when it was in the 30s with a brisk wind all evening made everyone look for places to huddle until the fireworks started. But it certainly is worth it to tough it out!

And there you have it–your results for Ask It. Next week’s question is live on Twitter and on the blog here.

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