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Fireworks at Galaxy’s Edge

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Disney Parks are more magical at night, and fireworks are the perfect capstone to any evening. In Galaxy’s Edge, although you can view fireworks from many different locations, the most desirable location is the platform outside Docking Bay 7, which overlooks the Millennium Falcon.

From that location, you not only have the backdrop of the spires of Black Spire Outpost and the Falcon itself, but it also feels like the fireworks are going off right over your head. Check out these images for an idea of what you’ll see.

Could this be a new hot-ticket location for fireworks viewing at Disneyland? Would you rather see the fireworks here or over on Main Street? Let us know in the comments.

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One thought on “Fireworks at Galaxy’s Edge

  • Definitely looks incredible! If I understand correctly, it’s important to note this viewpoint doesn’t include the soundtrack or projections. So not ideal if you’ve never seen the current show (Disneyland Forever), which should be viewed from Main Street, it’s a small world or Rivers of America for full effect. But otherwise, this seems like a very cool viewing experience for fireworks in general—and great news for those of us who were worried “real” fireworks were being phased out at Disneyland due to launch positions too near Galaxy’s Edge. Thanks for the photos!

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