Ask It Results: How Many People Really Fit in a Value Room?

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For some people, a hotel at Disney is just a place to catch a few zzzs before another day at the parks. For others, the resort experience is part of the vacation. When it comes to Value resorts, more often than not, people are staying there to be budget conscious or because they, in the words of one respondent, “just need a bed and a bathroom”. And although the Value resorts provide that, a standard value room is a small place to house that bed and bathroom. Last week we asked you:

Value resorts theoretically sleep 4 (+1 infant), but how many people do you comfortably sleep in a Value room?

Here’s your results:

One, 28 votes (2%)

Technically, many of the votes for “one” were leaning towards zero — in other words, there’s no way in their minds that anyone could be comfortable in a Value room. Yes, the beds may not be quite as high-end as a deluxe, and there can be some noise from adjoining rooms, but I’m going to hope that the real reason votes were cast for one is for the “every person gets a bathroom” rule. I can get behind that.

Two, 609 votes (40%)

The majority of the votes went for two people in the room, and I can certainly understand why. When you look at the renovated rooms for Pop Century, it does seem like Disney was going for the appeal of a hotel room that sleeps two comfortably, as the additional bed is a pull-down that takes away your table in the room. If you’re traveling with two adults who don’t want to share a bed, or one adult with a child, you would be very comfortable with the set-up in a Value room, and there’s enough space that you’re not automatically tripping over each other.

Three, 354 votes (23%)

If you’re parents traveling with a child or a single parent traveling with a couple children, many of you said that you can be comfortable in a Value resort. If, on the other hand, you have three adults, this setup might not be the most ideal. With Pop Century moving from double beds to queen size beds, having two people share the bed isn’t as bad as it once was. Depending on family life at home, you may be used to having to share one bathroom, so that isn’t a deal breaker either. If the marketing people needed to write this up, they probably would describe three people in a Value room as “cozy”.

Four, 519 votes (35%)

I must admit, I was surprised how many people said that four in a Value room was comfortable. It did seem like there were a lot of caveats for voting for this, however. If your children are young, they are usually okay sharing a bed, but the older they get, the less likely they’ll be comfortable with a shared bed. If you’re going for a long stay, which means a lot of luggage for a family of four, you may find yourself tripping over your bags (although with the refurbished rooms at Pop, you now have suitcase storage under the beds). Even two pairs of adults can find a certain level of comfort in a Value room — the big challenge being that one bathroom to share. And if you’ have a family larger than four and do to connecting rooms, you can find it a great alternative to a larger DVC-style suite.

That’s it for this week’s Ask It. Next week’s question is live on Twitter and on the blog here. In the meantime, let us know what you think about the results. Is there anything you wish Disney would add to a Value room that would make it more comfortable? Let us know in the comments.


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