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Ask It: If You Could Visit an International Disney Park

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It seems like many people I know have traveled or are planning travel to one of Disney’s international theme parks. It certainly is a bucket list item for me to go at some point, too. So for this week, we’re asking you:

If you could visit one international Disney theme park location, which would you choose?

  • Tokyo (60%, 283 Votes)
  • Paris (18%, 85 Votes)
  • Shanghai (17%, 82 Votes)
  • Hong Kong (4%, 19 Votes)

Total Voters: 469

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Voting is live here and on Twitter, and we’ll have your results next week.

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Julia Mascardo

Former writer, editor, and social media manager of TouringPlans. Embarking on new adventures with husband, kid, and cats.

4 thoughts on “Ask It: If You Could Visit an International Disney Park

  • I would love to see Disney with the romance and excitement of Paris.

  • Tokyo! I mostly want to go because Disney Sea is supposed to be amazing and the Brickers have gotten me all riled up to go. Plus, those two years of Japanese in college – well I ought to use them.

  • I’ve been to Paris- it was fun for a day, but feel no need to go back. When I was in Tokyo, 2 of the major rides were closed, so I decided not to spend 1/2 my Japan trip at DL. I looks amazing and one day I’ll go back.

  • I primarily would choose Tokyo because while there are some original rides or at least new takes on older themes (different takes on Haunted Mansion, Pirates, etc. That Iron Man ride is a variation on the basic Star Tours ride experience), I think it would be much more interesting to visit an ENTIRE park that was completely original (yes, I know that DisneySea/American Waterfront has a Toy Story Mania and a Tower of Terror) and not found anywhere else in the world. The theming alone. It’s unfortunate that a DisneySeas Florida would only suffer from an unfair comparison to SeaWorld (since they are completely different animals…pardon the pun).

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