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Ask It Results: Do You Order New MagicBands for Each Trip?

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It’s a well-known fact that nothing is free at Walt Disney World (except, possibly, a sunburn–remember that sunscreen kiddos!). One thing that feels like it is free is the set of oh-so-fashionable MagicBands that your party gets when they book a stay at a Walt Disney World resort. Way back in the early days of MagicBand 1.0, you didn’t have the option not to get MagicBands. Just like clockwork, they’d show up on your doorstep. If they didn’t for some reason, you could get them at check-in. If you were a frequent Walt Disney World traveler, you ended up with an unhealthy number of these bands. Add some on for DVC or for Annual Passholders, and you had to get creative with what you could do with them.

Now you have the option to skip the automatic shipping of MagicBands to you, and many people spend quite a bit of money on beyond-the-basic MagicBand designs at stores all around Walt Disney World. But old habits are hard to break. So we asked you:

Do you order new MagicBands for each trip?

Here’s your results.

Yes (1,665 votes, 82%)

Most of you order new MagicBands for each trip, but your reasons are varied. For some, there’s just a bit of excitement to get a package in the mail from Disney–it makes the vacation seem that much more tangible. There’s a variety of colors, so getting new ones for every trip can help you be certain to be able to coordinate with every outfit in your vacation. Others are concerned that the battery might wear out between trips, and so they order a new one to make sure they don’t miss an awesome on-ride photo in their PhotoPass account. Whatever the reason, most of you love getting those MagicBands in the mail. (Admit it… it feels like you’re getting something for free from Disney, and that’s why you get them, yes?)

No (374 votes, 18%)

Yes, there are some people (although not very many) who turn down the new MagicBands for each trip. Generally, these are people who already have a substantial supply ready to go, and don’t have the need for duplicates. Some cited the desire to be more environmentally conscious or being aware of the creep of clutter that can come into your life if you aren’t careful. One interesting suggestion was that if Disney offered a modest discount for not sending bands, some people might opt out from receiving new bands. I have no idea how much it costs to make a MagicBand or to ship them out in bulk, but it could be something Disney should think about in the future.

So there you have it — your results for this week. Next week’s question is live on Twitter and on the blog here. Do you have a favorite design or color of MagicBand? Let us know in the comments.

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  • The discount idea is an interesting one. I feel like a lot of people would opt out of a duplicate band if it meant getting a $5 credit on your room charge account (or whatever). That said, Disney’s not exactly known for passing savings along to the customer :-).

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