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Best Disney World Park For Adults?

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Hollywood Studios got much more kid-friendly with the opening of Toy Story Land, but where do the adults go? Today’s question is:

Which Walt Disney World park is best for adults?

  • Epcot (73%, 310 Votes)
  • Animal Kingdom (16%, 68 Votes)
  • Magic Kingdom (8%, 34 Votes)
  • Hollywood Studios (3%, 11 Votes)

Total Voters: 423

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Talk about why in the comments.

Last week, we posed a few question here on the blog and on Twitter.

Your choice for best overall park food other than Epcot at Disney World was overwhelmingly Animal Kingdom, which took 2/3 of the votes. Magic Kingdom was a distant second with 24% of the vote, and Hollywood Studios, well let’s just say very few of you think food is the draw there.

It was a good week for France! On Twitter, 37% of you said you’d celebrate Bastille Day with a Grand Marnier Slushie. And if you were still hungry following Les Bleu’s World Cup win the next day, 27% would have some crepes.

If you’d like to be the one asking us questions, TouringPlans’s Brian McNichols jumped on the Instagram Questions bandwagon this week and hosted an Ask Me Anything in our Stories. Just follow us on Instagram to join the fun. If none of that made any sense to you, just find your nearest teenager to get up and running. You can also get a sample of our Instagram feed each week from Angela Dahlgren.

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15 thoughts on “Best Disney World Park For Adults?

  • Last year I would have said Epcot and DHS, but Animal Kingdom is fast becoming our fave.

  • I think the answer depends on whether you take it to mean “The park with the largest percentage of things adults like but kids don’t” or “the park, I, an adult, enjoys most”. Because the answer for me is two separate things. My favorite would be the Magic Kingdom, but I voted for Epcot since it has a greater percentage of things that appeal to adults that kids don’t care about (the shopping, cultural details, variety of food). If I lived next door to Disney World, I’d spend tons of time at all the parks, but I think I’d return to the MK most often.

    • I agree with all of that!

  • It depends on the adult. I’m 47, and if my partner didn’t stop me, I could probably make a whole week out of Magic Kingdom.

  • I’m with the majority of these Animal Kingdom comments. I answered Epcot because of the food, the festival seasons, the countries… it’s the best adult park probably. But I think AK is the best park, period. And I’m an adult. So maybe I should have picked AK.

  • Just got back from a solo trip and I must say, I was at Animal Kingdom more than any other park, and mostly at night. The ambiance of AK is such a draw for me as well as the food. Epcot – I only went 1x over a two week trip, and that was for a tour. I would pick HS over Epcot, simply for Tower of Tower at night!

  • Oops should have read as a couple!

  • I voted Epcot because of the food and atmosphere but actually they are ALL great for adults. We have now been to Disney more often as a. Outlet than we went with our kids and are still having fun on all the rides in our late 60s!

  • For me, Disney is all about tapping into your inner child. When I’m at WDW, I’m not interested in fancy dining or drinking around the world. I just want some corn dogs and lots of fun rides. So Magic Kingdom is my choice. Doesn’t matter what age you are, MK will always be the essence of the Disney experience.

  • Epcot wins in my book if you are truly going for an *adult* experience. Dining, drinking, shopping and watching a few shows around world showcase fits that bill the best.

    I’m basing this on the fact that, after going as a couple for years and then now having a toddler in tow, these are a lot of the things I feel I can’t do as much now that we have a little one with us – whereas there is much less missed at the other parks which are more family-friendly. So if we had a day on our trip without the kiddo I would go to Epcot for sure.

    • Yeah, I think you’re hitting on what I was thinking. Generally, just as a person, I might enjoy AK more, and technically I am an adult. But if I’m going to put my adult hat on, to go out on a date or with friends for example, Epcot is the better park.

  • I hear what people are saying about Animal Kingdom, and I considered going with it myself. I ended up sticking with Epcot though, largely because it has options that don’t even try to cater to kids. I feel like in AK, while there are plenty of things for adults to enjoy, I’m still always going to have kids around me, whereas in Epcot there are things I can enjoy with a relatively low kid presence. Certain restaurants, shows, and even pavilions. The Morocco pavilion, for example, is beautiful, and Restaurant Marrakesh has interesting food in a great setting with live music and dancing, and even better: it’s a place where people are generally not going to bring their kids as often. Because Epcot has so many options available, it allows for some places to be geared towards a more adult crowd.

  • I’m surprised to say this, but I’d also pick Animal Kingdom. It’s the best park for just hanging out and enjoying the atmosphere. I love the Animal Kingdom at night, and it lacks the chaos of World Showcase. I can actually be relaxing.

  • I know Epcot’s the likely winner here, but I gotta go Animal Kingdom overall. Lots of great rides, a couple great shows, beautiful scenery, and several terrific restaurants. If a theme park has 3 or 4 great dining options, that’s good enough for me; it’s not like I’m going to eat at all two dozen Epcot restaurants.

    • I usually don’t tip my hat on these questions, but I’m with you here. Animal Kingdom is my pick for the reasons you gave.


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