Best Non-Alcoholic Beverages at Universal Orlando

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If you are planning a trip to Universal Orlando, you will need to stay hydrated. Now you can go to almost any food/beverage location to get a courtesy cup of water. You may be like me and have a diet soda addiction. You may find the Coke freestyle cup program works well for you to stay hydrated. With the freestyle machine, you could have a different flavored beverage all your vacation if desired.

Now if you think those options will not satisfy your palate or need for hydration, what are the best beverages to get at Universal Orlando? The following list will be the best non-alcoholic beverages at Universal Orlando. These beverages must be available year-round so seasonal beverages do not count. Also, these may only be official menu beverages so no “Shark-Friendly.” Sorry, Chez Alcatraz you are better suited for an alcoholic list. These beverages are not in any certain order. Having said, that there is one beverage that changed the theme park world forever.


No trip to Universal Orlando is truly complete without at least a taste of butterbeer. Now this Muggle prefers his butterbeer in ice cream format. Yet, this sugary butterscotch with vanilla and a bit of magic beverage draws long queues just to buy it for $7.99.  Depending on which source you believe, the success of this beverage encouraged Universal Orlando to be even more daring with Wizarding World items.

The original version is known as cold or regular butterbeer. Universal Orlando then added a frozen version of this beverage which can be compared to a slushie in texture. That version also has the same addicting butterbeer taste. In very recent times, hot butterbeer version has gone from being a seasonal beverage to be available year-round.  This version of butterbeer is a slightly different formula. I am not sure it is ideal on hot summer afternoon at Universal Orlando. Yet, those cool nights that start to happen this time of year work great with hot butterbeer. Any discussion of beverages at Universal Orlando must include butterbeer.

Flaming Moe

Simpsons TV fans will immediately wonder how this drink is on this list. On the Simpsons TV show, the Flaming Moe is a purple alcoholic beverage. At Universal Studios Florida, it is a non-alcoholic orange soda. You do need to be a fan of orange soda like Sunkist to truly enjoy this beverage.

This beverage can be found at the Flaming Moe’s window in Fast Food Boulevard in Springfield USA area. This beverage comes to you with fog or smoke escaping from the top of the beverage. Not to ruin the magic but there is dry ice in a bottom chamber of the plastic cup. You do get to keep the cup as a souvenir. Though it sounds a bit scary the whole experience and taste is brilliant. The cost is bit high at $8.99 but it is probably worth it at least once.

Toothsome Milkshake

Some may see this as cheating but milkshakes are served in lots of places as simply drinks. If you are unfamiliar with these incredible creations, they are masterpieces. If you can finish one by yourself without a sugar crash, then I am impressed. These do come in a souvenir container. The sugar content in these shakes is massive. No disrespect to the old NBA city location here but Toothsome Chocolate Emporium and Savory Feast Kitchen has truly upgraded CityWalk.

Moose Juice or Goose Juice

The decision is up to you. This food/beverage stand serves two iconic beverages of the same name as the stand itself in Seuss Landing. Now these are basically Icees but with cool names and taste. The Moose Juice is frozen orange Icee. The Goose Juice is frozen sour apple Icee. These can also be mixed if desired, but I would not recommend it. This stand also has grape, watermelon, wild cherry, and Coke flavored Icees. Yet, the orange and sour apple are the stars of Icees at Universal Orlando.

I need to mention a few more things about Icees at Universal Orlando. There is a banana flavored one at The Mess Tent kiosk near Skull Island attraction. More importantly, a charged Coke in park Freestyle cup can be used to get Icees. Since Icees are currently $5.50, that might be a great deal.


Otter’s Fizzy Orange Juice

We are back in Wizarding World for last two beverages. This beverage will cost you $5.49. I suggest getting it at the Hopping Pot in Diagon Alley. Menu description reads “effervescent fresh orange beverage with notes of vanilla and cinnamon.” The orange flavor is distinctive and enjoyable. The cinnamon flavor is obvious especially with cinnamon around rim of cup. The vanilla flavor is not very noticeable though. This beverage will cost $5.49.


Pumpkin Juice/Pumpkin Fizz

These can both be found at The Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade area in Islands of Adventure. Many Universal Orlando Wizarding World fans prefer these beverages even over butterbeer. The pumpkin flavor is smooth and not overwhelming. Like butterbeer, this flavor is not a common one so Universal Orlando is good place to buy it. Sadly, the bottles of pumpkin juice that used to be featured in beverage carts are good. However, the draft/soda like version of these pumpkin beverages are probably better than the bottle version.

Pumpkin Fizz is a carbonated version of Pumpkin Juice. The carbonation brings out more of a pumpkin pie flavor. You will find touches of cinnamon, nutmeg and maybe apple cider in both beverages. Both beverages will cost you $4.99 which seems like a bargain in this list.

The list could go on, but this should give you plenty of beverage options for your next trip to Universal Orlando. Stay Hydrated!

Which of these drinks is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

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