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Disneyland Bengal Barbecue: Here Be the Meats

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Bengal Barbecue is a quick service restaurant in Disneyland‘s Adventureland. Its menu is made up of meats and veggies all served on skewers. The intoxicating aroma of grilled meats waft through Adventureland, making it one of the only Disneyland restaurants you’ll smell before you see. Does the taste match the tantalizing scents? Keep reading to find out. Starting off with my favorite skewer of the bunch, the Banyan Beef Skewer with hot and spicy sauce. I dream of this sauce. It’s fantastic, perfectly spicy, and the gloriously tender beef chunks soaks it up magnificently. No joke, I grab a spoon and slurp up the remaining sauce like soup after the skewer is gone. The downside, as is the same with every item on the menu, it the price. You’re not getting a lot of food here for $6.49.

Chieftain Chicken Skewer in a Polynesian sauce seems to be the guest favorite based on my observations of the amount of people I’ve seen eating it. Also, the restaurant’s grill usually has an overwhelming majority of chicken skewers on it at any given time. It’s good! The Polynesian sauce is tangy and sweet, and the chicken itself tender and juicy.

Again going back to the price, $5.99 gets you 4 and a half inches of chicken. I don’t know of any parts of the world where grocery stores sell you meat based on length, but this is the best unit of measurement I could come up with in the field. The Safari Skewer is six pieces of bacon-wrapped asparagus served on a skewer. This was good and it provides a great “gotcha” moment in case anyone tries to tell you you don’t eat enough vegetables. I’ve only had the Safari Skewer a few times over the years, and every time the bacon has been flimsy. I would prefer if it was a bit more crispy, but that’s a minor complaint.

The Outback Vegetable Skewer comes with zucchini, bell peppers, onions, and squash. The veggies are fresh and bring much needed balance to the meat-filled menu. There are certain points during Disney trips where I eat nothing but trash for days in a row and then I feel my body start to crave fruits and vegetables. I could see myself running to get the vegetable skewer in this instance.

The Bengal Rice Plate combines two skewers of your choice, and throws in some citrus-miso slaw and jasmine rice. At $17.99 the price tag is hefty and while it does give Bengal Barbeque its only substantial meal on the menu, it’s not a great value. For a couple of dollars more you can get the park’s famous fried chicken from Plaza Inn on Main Street, or almost any other quick service entree in the park.

Bengal Barbecue will occasionally offer a specialty drink on the menu. These are usually those super sugary slushy type drinks you’d find at a gas station.

Bengal Barbecue is located across from Indiana Jones Adventure and Tarzan’s Treehouse in Adventureland.

The restaurant’s grill is visible from the order and pickup counters.

Bengal Barbecue is so popular that in 2017 a seating area was created in a former gift shop. Think about that for a second. Disney closed a gift shop to make room for people to sit and relax. Unreal!

Overall Bengal Barbecue has a great selection of skewers that are very tasty. Over the years the prices have gone way up while the portion of meat has plummeted, which is really unfortunate. But it seems the price is doing nothing to hurt its popularity, even with  TouringPlans.com and Unofficial Guide to Disneyland readers, whom 93% thumbs up rating.

What’s your favorite skewer at Bengal Barbeque? Let us know in the comments. 

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2 thoughts on “Disneyland Bengal Barbecue: Here Be the Meats

  • I can’t wait to go back here next time I’m in Disneyland. I don’t know if I’ve ever tried the beef which sounds amazing.

  • There is a pork belly skewer on the menu right now, and it’s perfect in every way. The veggie skewer is surprisingly well seasoned compared to the normally bland veggies in DLR. Definitely my favorite restaurant in Disneyland!


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