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Buying Your Own Groceries at Disney World

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When my family stays in a hotel room, it’s always more comfortable when we have snacks and drinks in the room. Depending on which type of room you have at Disney World, you might even want enough groceries on hand for full meals. And it’s not just comfort: having groceries in the room can help you stretch your budget. A bottle of water is $4.75 in the parks, you can buy a whole case for that price at a grocery store.

If you just need a couple of things quickly, your best option might be your resort store, although prices will be about 10-20% the shelf price of a big local grocery. (Get to Know the Groceries and Sundries Sections of Your Disney Resort Gift Shop). And grocery delivery can be easy and convenient. (Grocery Delivery to Your Walt Disney World Resort). But sometimes, you just want to see what’s available and shop for yourself. Browsing through the aisles and letting the kids get excited about picking out their Pop-Tarts and snacks can be part of the fun.

Even if you don’t want to pick everything out yourself, a curbside pick-up can be easier to arrange than meeting a driver in the lobby. And many car services will allow you to arrange a grocery stop on the way from the airport, as long as you set it up in advance. Here’s what you need to know about the most popular area grocery options.


Publix is the primary grocery chain in the area, it isn’t a giant superstore, but it has a full selection of groceries and pharmacy items. They are known for their great sandwiches, party trays, and sweet tea, my favorite. You can do curbside pickup at many Publix locations, but be aware that their curbside pickup prices are 10-20% higher than shopping for yourself. That’s because Publix uses Instacart behind the scenes to manage their curbside orders.

A brand new Publix with a full-service liquor store is just outside of Disney property near the gate at Western Way; this is closest to Animal Kingdom Lodge, the All-Star hotels, Coronado Springs, and all of the Flamingo Crossing area hotels. They have curbside pick-up available through their website. It’s hard to see from the road because it’s tucked in behind the very large Waterleigh neighborhood sign, but I promise, it’s back there.

Publix Curbside Pick-up

If you are closer to the Disney Springs area of Walt Disney World (Saratoga Springs, Port Orleans, Old Key West, and all of the Disney Springs neighbor hotels), you may find that the Publix in Regency Village is closer to you. And if you are staying off-property, I suggest you just look up Publix in your maps app to find the closest location. Every Publix I have been to is clean, has a similar selection, and their customer service is top-notch. And did I mention the fabulous sweet tea?

⭐Waterleigh Publix: 10650 Avalon Road, Winter Garden, FL 34787
⭐Regency Village Publix: 8145 Vineland Ave, Orlando, FL 32821


Target is a national chain so many of you will already be familiar with what they have. Their curbside delivery service is called Drive-Up service, and prices are identical to what you would find if you shopped from the shelves yourself. You can order In-Store Pickup through Target’s website after selecting a location. If you’d like to use Drive-Up, you’ll need to do it through the Target app.

There’s an urban-sized (read small) Target just outside the gate at Western Way, and it’s still on Disney property at Flamingo Crossing. This Target is great for snacks, drinks, and things like sunscreen and other necessities, but the overall grocery selection is limited. They do have beer, wine, and spirits. Drive-up service is available.

If you are looking for a better selection, the Kissimmee Target off 192 might be your best option. They have a larger selection, including a full-sized grocery, wine, beer & spirits, and also offer Drive-Up service.

⭐ Flamingo Crossing Target: 204 Ruby Red Pl, Winter Garden, FL 34787
⭐ Kissimmee Target: 4795 W Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy, Kissimmee, FL 34746


Like Target, Walmart is a national chain and most people have probably been in one at some point. Also like Target, you’ll pay the same shelf price whether you pick it up at the curb or pick it out yourself. You can order Pickup from Walmart through their website after selecting a location.

Walmarts have just about anything you could need. Technically, the Turkey Lake location is the closest to Disney World; however, Disney is a huge area, so I suggest you consider the Independence Pkwy location, too. Compare distances with your GPS because depending on where your resort is located, you might be surprised at which is closest. Also, The Turkey Road location has higher crowds, and some prices have been bumped up because it caters to more tourists. Both locations have curbside service and everything that a Walmart has to offer.

⭐ 8990 Turkey Lake Road, Orlando, FL, 32819
⭐ 1613 New Independence Pkwy, Winter Garden, FL, 34787

How does your family handle groceries? Delivery, pick-up, wing it in the gift shop? Let us know in the comments because sharing your experience helps others.

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  • We find the Walmart on 535 in Kissimmee (just off World Drive) much more reasonably priced than Turkey Lake Road. Bonus: There’s a Twistee Treat just across the street!

    • Ooo, thank you! I like this tip and Twistee Treat is always a good idea!


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