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Grocery Delivery to Your Walt Disney World Resort

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Even if you are only in your resort room to shower and sleep, it’s nice to have snacks and drinks or at least a case of water in the room. If you arrive on a plane, packing food and drink is not always easy. Thankfully, grocery delivery is everywhere these days and will often be more economical than vending machines and groceries at gift shops.

With so many options available, I dug in deep, calling all of the top local vendors and meeting with several members of Disney’s Bell Service and Concierge teams to help you choose the best fit for your vacation. Here’s what I found out.

The Grocery Delivery Process

With a little bit of prep work, groceries can be waiting for you upon your arrival, and with a genuinely luxurious option ($6 fee plus gratuity), they can be delivered straight to your room. I know the less we have to juggle getting to our room, the happier my family is.

Typically, this is how everything operates. The first step is for you to place an order with a delivery service. After that …

  • Delivery Services will drop off at Bell Services directly, or you can choose to meet your order in the lobby
    • Bell Services has refrigerators and freezers available for storage
    • You do not need to be present unless your order includes alcohol
  • To get your groceries to your room, you can
    • Choose to have Bell Services deliver them for a $6 fee
    • Move them yourself using luggage racks that are available to borrow
  • If Bell Services handles your groceries it is customary to tip whether you collect them from the Bell Desk or have them brought up; the $6 fee is not a gratuity.
Bell Services Desk at the Boardwalk Inn 

Each resort has its own culture, and I’ve seen a few differences concerning delivery; most are slight and not worth mentioning. One big one is that some resorts charge the $6 fee for delivery if Bell Services handles your order even if you take it to your room on your own, treating it as a package delivery. All-Star Music Resort also stands out with a big difference. It’s the only resort that has a locker system for deliveries.

All-Star Music’s lockers started as a pilot program that hasn’t been introduced to other resorts, and after speaking with their Luggage Services Team, I wouldn’t expect it to be. At All-Star Music, if you use the mobile check-in in advance, you will receive a locker code where you can pick up your delivery. Unfortunately, the codes often take 24 hours to arrive, and if any refrigeration is needed, the groceries can not be in the lockers and are sent to Luggage Services instead. If you’re staying at this resort, don’t stress about it. If you don’t have a code, or you have ice cream or milk in your order, head straight to the Luggage Services desk.

Local to Disney World Delivery Services

There are three local delivery services that Disney has classified as preferred companies: Dizzy Dolphin, Garden Grocers, and Vacation Delivery Service. They label everything correctly and follow Disney’s policies to keep everything organized for guests. You might think labels don’t affect you, but they probably will. If ice cream isn’t labeled freezable, well, you’ll be left with just cream.

Dizzy Dolphin

Dizzy Dolphin was founded by Disney Vacation Club (DVC) members, who have a lot of experience in knowing which groceries are needed for their vacation kitchens. They provide a completely customizable delivery service, shopping in several locations to ensure you have anything you need or want at the best price possible. They pay close attention to allergy and dietary needs and will even go to Publix to pick up their famous sweet tea.

On the website, you don’t just click on an item from their list; you enter each product you need, so be specific about the brand and size. Tip- remember they shop locally. Regional brands like Drake Cakes probably won’t be available. Sticking with national brands or stating you prefer store brands, like Kirkland or Publix, is best. Because they charge based on the current sale prices of the groceries, you will not receive a total until the order has been fulfilled.

The Bell Service teams I talked to named Dizzy Dolphin as their favorite. I’ll admit, as I was researching, they had the best customer service. I was able to reach them on the phone, and they will meet you around your schedule, even if you get delayed and need to change it last minute.

  • Fees: All orders under $250 have a $14 service fee. There is a $50 minimum order.
  • Delivery Schedule: You must order at least seven days before your vacation.
  • Place an order: Dizzy Dolphin Delivery website

Vacation Grocery Delivery

Former and current Disney cast members created Vacation Grocery Delivery. They label everything well and shop for exactly what you need, and they don’t just shop for groceries. If you need a cooler, an umbrella stroller, or a birthday cake, add it to the list.

Their website has items you can click on and leave your specifics in the notes. Any specific requests can be added to an email. Because they charge based on the current sale prices of the groceries, you will not receive a total until the order has been fulfilled.

Are you just looking for a case of water? Vacation Delivery Services is the company for you! For $14, you can have a case of store-brand water delivered to Bell Services. No other fees apply. Yes, of course, I realize $14 is crazy high for a case of water, but 24 bottles of Dasani at Disney World will cost you approximately $90.

TouringPlans recently covered Vacation Grocery Delivery. See what Becky thought: Vacation Grocery Delivery Review (and Stroller Too!)

  • Fees: $25 delivery fee plus a 5% service fee. A $20 activation fee will appear on your card when you order and will be refunded after full payment.
  • Delivery Schedule: Final orders must be placed three days before delivery.
  • Place an order: Vacation Grocery Delivery website

Garden Grocer

Garden Grocer has been around for more than 15 years and is now under new ownership and management. Their service has over 5,000 items in their inventory, and your choices are easily selected on their website. Five thousand items sounds like a lot, and it is, they cover all the basics and then some, but I found the selection limiting in some categories. For example, there were no K-Cups in their coffee aisle, and the creamers were the giant 32 oz bottles. The donut and pastry aisle only had Hostess Twinkies and Hostess coffee cake, and there weren’t even any donuts. But, if you want to know precisely what you will be spending, Garden Grocers is the option for you. Each item is marked with a price, and you will know exactly what to budget – although it should be noted that the prices you find will likely be higher than most other services.

  • Fees: Any order under $200 has a $15 delivery fee. There is a $40 minimum order.
  • Delivery Schedule: Orders can be placed for the same day if there are times available on the calendar; I suggest you order as early as possible for full availability.
  • Place an order: Garden Grocer website

National Grocery Delivery Services and Disney World

If you already belong to a delivery service for a national company, it might make sense to use what you know. You may find there’s more short-notice flexibility than with the local services. However, some companies are better than others. Remember, following the labeling procedure is crucial, and Bell Services has some horror stories!

To avoid being part of a horror story, ensure the company asks for your full name, resort, phone number, and bonus points for the room confirmation number. It’s really helpful to place the grocery order under the same first and last name of the room reservation.

Kroger delivery

Kroger (Boost Program)

Kroger doesn’t have brick-and-mortar stores in the Orlando area, but they deliver and honor the Boost subscriptions. If you have a Boost subscription with Ralph’s, Albertson’s, or any Kroger affiliate, they will honor it. They won’t have every brand you find at home, but they do have Graeter’s ice cream!

My family lives in Orlando, and we use Kroger delivery for most of our grocery needs. They have always been on time and friendly, and they text you if there are any substitutions. We enjoy the service because the products were never on store shelves. This means they have been handled less, and we have fewer broken pretzel chips and crumbled cookies. And most importantly, we find them to be less expensive than Publix. Especially if you don’t need a By One Get One Deal, you just need a reasonable price.

When I asked the Bell Services team about Kroger, they received high marks.

Fees- $9.99 delivery fee. Orders over $35 waive the delivery fee with a Boost subscription. There is a strict no-tipping policy.

Walmart, Amazon, Publix (and more)

All companies are welcome to deliver to the parks, and most of the major companies work well, but according to the Bell Service teams they are not always consistent. So, if you have a subscription you use at home, it’s probably worth giving it a shot. Amazon’s quick delivery window is definitely a benefit.


I wrote above that most of the major companies are typically fine, but unfortunately, sweeping statements usually have exceptions. The exception here is Instacart. I was told Instacart is so bad that they often only have a first name! When that happens, they have to refuse the delivery. Can I say there are a lot of Amys at the resorts? After talking with Bell Services, I suggest that if you would like to use Instacart, you should arrange to meet them in person to ensure you receive your order, and your ice cream stays frozen.

The Backup Plan

Prices at Disney Resort hotel gift shops will tend to be about 5-10% higher than you’ll find at a local store. But the selection is surprisingly extensive, and by the time you add on delivery fees, it might still be your best option if you only need one or two things. To see what you can expect to find at your resort gift shop, see Get to Know the Groceries and Sundries Sections of Your Disney Resort Gift Shop.

What’s your grocery delivery strategy? Is there a company you recommend, or maybe a horror story to share? Let us know in the comments!

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4 thoughts on “Grocery Delivery to Your Walt Disney World Resort

  • Hello!
    Just wanted to let you know that I have used Instacart at the Grand Destino Tower, Poly, and Caribbean resort with zero issues. I love having some grab-and-go morning snacks, fruit, and coffee cream readily available to me for those early morning wake-ups! Maybe the issues mentioned have been fixed as my orders always have a clearly labeled white sticker on each bag with my first and last name and order #. I do love the idea of supporting local business, so I went ahead and registered with Dizzy Dolphin for my upcoming trip! 🙂 Thanks for the good info.

    • Hi Molly! I’m so glad you’ve had good experiences with delivery. I do believe success with InstaCart and DoorDash largely depends on how much information you give them- so well done! I love to give my business to local shops too, I think that’s a great plan. PLease let us know how it goes! Thank you!!

  • I used Instacart at Port Orleans French Quarter on the advice of my Touring Plans travel agent just a week ago. It was such great advice! I was so glad to be able to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or some snacks when I was back at my room rather than having to go pay to eat at the restaurants downstairs.

    • I’m so glad that worked well for you! I always loved being able to make an easy meal in the room when I vacationed here. (Now I’m a local) Instacart and DoorDash success certainly depends on how much information you give your driver- so you earned an A+!!


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