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SHOCKING: Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel’s Hot Dog of the Month ISN’T A HOT DOG AT ALL

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We received an alarming anonymous tip out of Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel that we couldn’t believe was possibly true. After signing the proper life insurance papers we sent in an anonymous reporter to investigate, and what we found may shock you. Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel’s hot dog of the month isn’t a hot dog! We know what you’re thinking; “My family takes a picture in front of the hot dog of the month every month! This can’t possibly be true!” Keep reading to find out what we saw.

Tucked away in a sleepy corner of Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel is Craftsman Grill, the site of our investigation.

Here we get our first glimpse at the horror that awaits us. The rumors appear to be true. But surely this is just a funny sign, and a beloved family entertainment company like Disney could never attempt to do something this dastardly.

Our findings show that the sign is wasn’t a joke. It’s not a hot dog! It’s a churro!

The hot dog in the month is a churro covered in a crispy shell, marshmallow goo, strawberry sauce, and bacon bits. It’s very spooky.

Our undercover reporter cut in to the “hot dog” and confirmed there was no actual hot dog hiding inside. Seduced by the evil emanating from from this cursed dish, our reporter took a bite. He said it was delicious. He hasn’t been seen since.

What is your opinion about this shocking turn of events. Should the FBI and CIA get involved? Let us know in the comments?

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