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Details on New Bag Check Area at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

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It may seem like the front entrance of Disney’s Hollywood Studios has been under construction for forever, but things are starting to become a more completed state. The new auto plaza is open, the parking lot has been rearranged to make it easy to get in and out, and the tram drop-off point has been completed.

But one welcome change that has debuted recently is the bag check area. Greatly expanded, the bag check area now consists of separate lines for guests with strollers/wheelchairs from those without. A “no bag” line still exists as well. What’s really great is that the signs may be changeable, so that if there’s a back-up in one type of line, additional lines can be switched over to manage crowd flow. But even without that, the increased number of lines available significantly help with crowds. This was bag check on the Saturday of Annual Passholder previews for Galaxy’s Edge less than a half hour before park opening, a time when usually bag check lines can be painfully long. We’ll be keeping an eye on these to see if they are changeable signs, and whether they help better manage crowd flow.

What do you think of this change? Let us know in the comments.

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5 thoughts on “Details on New Bag Check Area at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

  • We just got back yesterday. I didn’t notice the stroller/ wheelchair line at DHS but the bag check there was a great deal more efficient than any other park. We ran late getting to EMH at Magic Kingdom on Friday morning and bag check took 30 minutes. Another morning at MK I ended up in line behind a mother who pulled six different backpacks from the bottom of her stroller. Hopefully these improvements will be seen at all parks soon.
    This year we carried water bottle holders that had a small pocket for ID’s / phones instead of our usual backpack. Security at DHS and Epcot waved us through the no bag line. Security at MK and AK searched our bags every time. I didn’t mind the search as much as the inconsistency in the process.

    • i’m a stroller mom, but i promise you we are not “that” family everyone glares at. i have one personal bag, and one larger bag in the stroller. we have all bags open and unzipped and everything inside the bags are in clear pouches. i promise you we hate being behind the unprepared people with 6 bags just as much as the rest of you.

      i dislike the idea of having to go to a separate line due to having a stroller, because we are prepared and i feel like we’re going to be penalized for it by having to wait longer. i echo the bag scanner comments, i’ve been saying it for years. no matter how efficient disney tries to be, scanners are faster and more secure and everyone waits the exact same amount of time.

  • Excited to have one less occasion for my ankles to get mauled by stroller wheels.

  • I agree about the luggage X ray machines. They have them in Disneyland Paris and they’re great.

  • It’s high time that Disney invested in luggage X-ray machines like they have at Universal. We were at the MK Ticket and Transportation center a couple of weeks ago and the bag search took 30 minutes on a Wednesday morning before park opening.

    Even TSA is more efficient at MCO.

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